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Ruitai Is Always Your High-performance Custom Metal Milling Parts Provider 

The Ruitai team offers you custom metal milling parts for 15+ years. And quality is always what we put much focus on.

With the tight tolerance within ±0.008mm, our 5 axis CNC machines can enable Ruitai to create high-precision metal milling components. If you belong to the industries of automotive and aerospace, we can be your top-list choice for your milling project.

The performance and quality are always our concerns the most. Through multiple quality checks by the advanced CMM, caliper vernier, and height gauge, the finished metal milling components will be packaged well by the custom packaging.



Custom Metal Miling Dashboard

Metal milling is effective to create car dashboard prototypes by exacting the exacting extra material.

Custom Metal Milling Panels

For the car panels which require highly on tolerance, we can apply the milling cutters to do it.

Custom Milling Electronics

CNC milling will also be a good way to create electronics prototypes including the parts of the computer.

Metal Milling Enclosures

As to our CNC milling service, we have no minimum. If you get any high-volume enclosures to make, we would like to help you.

Metal Milling Airframe Components

As you know, aircraft components especially have a demand for precision. And CNC milling will be a perfect choice.

Metal Milling Test Fixtures

We can combine CNC milling and CNC turning to produce test fixtures according to the 2D and 3D drawings.

Your Trustworthy Custom Metal Milling Partner 

With a full suite of CNC milling machines, Ruitai is fully confident and proud of offering you a custom metal milling service.

The metal material range that we provide is around 50+. The commonly used metal materials we use are aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brass, zinc, etc. If you get any special requirements regarding the material, we would do it for you. For example, we can help you do the surface treatment for your custom metal milling parts to save your time including anodizing and electroplating.

At Ruitai, our sales team is committed to responding to your e-mail within 2 hours. You e-mail our team anytime if you get any questions about your custom metal milling project. We hope that we can be your most trustworthy manufacturer in China.

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1.What Are the Advantages of Custom Milling Machining?

CNC machining is characterized as precise processing to make high-precision metal components. And milling is part of it.

Figure1 Custom Metal Milling

The advantages of custom milling machining:

(1) Precise. Being part of CNC machining, custom milling machining plays a role in deforming the lumpy metal materials into your desired ones.

(2) Highly customizable. From size, material, and surface treatment, you can customize your milling machining project.