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A Superior Custom Metal Manufacturing Supplier in China

Custom metal manufacturing is a division of Ruitai. With decades of experience in custom metal manufacturing, we mainly provide custom metal components and assemblies to you. There are Aluminum/Copper/Brass/Stainless Steel/Cold Rolled Steel/Carbon Steel/Zinc available for your selection. The metal materials we use are from top-quality material manufacturers.

Ruitai aims at meeting and exceeding your standards instead of just meeting the standard. We combine our metal engineering with our continuously improving capabilities to be your top manufacturer choice. If you want to know more about custom metal manufacturing, just contact us here!

CNC Aluminum Parts

CNC(Computer Numerical Control) has a broad application in metal parts fabrication. At Ruitai, aluminum is one of the most frequently used metals in CNC machining.

CNC Stainless Steel Parts

Stainless steel is anti-corrosion with high-level heat resistance. We will give you the most cost-effective solution for your stainless steel fabrication.

CNC Copper Parts

Copper is a decorative and anti-corrosion metal. If you send us CAD files of your custom metal manufacturing project, we will be glad to give you a fast quote.

Sheet Metal Parts for Electronic

Sheet metal can apply to many electronic devices in our daily life. For example, the outer shell of the television/computer/mobile phone/, etc.

Sheet Metal Parts for Automotive

Sheet metal is also widely used in automotive. Take the outer shell of the cars and the instrument board as examples. We have several finished sheet metal prototypes for many famous automotive companies.

Aluminum Die Casting

Ruitai can provide you with aluminum die casting parts in different sizes and surface treatments.

Ruitai Provides You A Complete Custom Metal Manufacturing

Ruitai offers you the most complete and cost-effective custom metal manufacturing focusing on high quality. With our state-of-the-art technology for your custom metal fabrication, We provide forming/punching/bending/rolling/cutting.

Our metal craftsmen are our backup. With expertise in custom metal manufacturing, they are fully skilled at giving professional suggestions and solutions for you. If you are a designer and not so familiar with machining, we can offer you professional and suitable solutions.

We also get a complete quality control system for your custom metal manufacturing. Our CMM team treats every metal part carefully during the whole processing. Before delivery, our professional inspectors will do an overall quality check and send you the CMM report. If the quality of our metal parts doesn’t meet your standards, we will reproduce them for you.

Besides, we attach great importance to the safety and final performance of the custom metal parts. We will strictly package our metal parts according to their properties and quantities. And wooden box and carton box are the most frequently used packaging in our factory. If you want to choose other packagings, we are glad to do that for you.

Related Parts After Surface Treatments

  • Aluminum CNC Machining

    Anodizing will help the metal parts to be more anti-corrosion and wear-resistant. Then, these metal parts will have a longer lifespan. If you want to do surface treatment for your metal parts, just contact Ruitai.

  • Electroplated Metal Parts

    Electroplating can be applied in all kinds of metal parts and make them more conductive and anti-corrosion. We often apply it in our metal parts like steel and zinc.

  • Laser Carved Metal Parts

    After laser carving on your metal parts, you will get parts with some desired shapes. Ruitai can also provide that for you.

  • Powder Coated Metal Pars

    Powder coated can protect your metal parts from scratches/fading/abrasion. Meanwhile, it can also increase the thickness of these parts.

  • Anodized CNC Milling Parts

    Painting can make the metal parts shine more and protect them from dust. Ruitai can provide custom metal manufacture with several surface treatments in different industries.


Custom Metal Manufacturing

Custom Metal Manufacturing can help the clients fabricate metal components as to exact specifications. With punching/bending/welding/forming/rolling techniques, the metal manufacturers produce the clients’ desired parts with specific shapes and sizes.

Custom metal manufacturing is widely applied in a wide spectrum of industries: transportation/electronic/electrical/construction/home-appliance. In order to get metal parts with higher precision, many manufacturers often use CNC machines to do metal fabrication for prototyping or mass production. Furthermore, some fabricators can also manufacture the metal parts with metal materials given by their clients. Therefore, the clients will have higher expectations towards their products. During the processing, effective communication between the manufacturers and their clients is a vital step for the success of a custom metal manufacturing project.

Custom Metal Manufacturing


1. What Machines Are Used for Custom Metal Manufacturing?

  • Lathe Machines;
  • CNC Machines
  • Drilling Machines;
  • Shearing Machines;
  • Laser Cutting Machines;
  • Band Saws
  • Punch Press

Custom Metal Manufacturing

2. Is Custom Metal Manufacturing Expensive?

It depends.

  • Quantity. When your quantity for one custom metal manufacturing is larger, your cost will be accordingly decreasing. The cost for programming and machines will be afforded in numerous parts.
  • Complexity. If your metal parts are very complex in design, it means we need to spend extra time analysing the files and tooling.