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Custom CNC Machining Stainless Steel

We offer you custom stainless steel machining service for low-volume production. If you choose Ruitai for your stainless steel machining project, there are part of our strengths as below:

• Full Capability. We get 5o+ sets of CNC machines to support your machining project.\

• Complex Parts. 5-axis machines allow us to create metal prototypes with complex designs.

• Experience. We have 15+ years of experience in producing stainless steel parts.

• 95+ Satisfaction Rate. After the one-off project, 95% of clients will continue to work with us.

What Are the Applications of Machined Stainless Steel Prototypes?

CNC machining can be divided into milling and turning. By combining milling and turning, we can create cutting-to-size stainless steel prototypes. We are proud of delivering custom stainless steel prototypes to various industries: automotive, aerospace, medical, electronic, etc. There is an array of applications for machined stainless steel parts.

▲Aerospace parts; connectors, doors, bearings, etc.

▲Automotive parts; wheels, engines, lights, screws, etc.

▲Medical parts; surgical scissors; blade handles; pliers; cutters; pacemaker components;

▲Household parts; water heaters; water bottles; coffee heaters.


1. Why Stainless Steel Is Considered Best for CNC Machining?

There are a lot of reasons that make stainless steel to be the best for CNC machining. One of the top reasons among them is the strength of the material. Stainless steel is always considered to be on top of the hardest metals. This extraordinary hardness makes stainless steel be converted into high-quality best products with higher durability.

Manufacturing products from stainless steel using CNC technology require you to be highly skilled and experienced in working with hard metals. Some of the major reasons why CNC Machining stainless steel is considered the best are given below.

Figure 2 - Customized Stainless Steel

· Higher Resistance

Stainless steel is considered the best material for manufacturing is its higher resistance to several factors that may damage the product. Corrosion is the main issue with most metals, and stainless steel does provide resistance to the product from corrosion.  Similarly, stainless steel also provides resistance against several other factors, such as pitting and cracking.

CNC machining is mostly used to manufacture those products that are highly complex and are pressure bearing too. So if you use another soft kind of materials for manufacturing, you won’t get the ideal results. But if you will opt for hard metals, you can produce a product that of higher quality.

· Tensile Strength

If we talk about manufacturing the best and high-quality product, keeping in view the tensile strength of the material we use is also very important. Stainless steel has higher tensile strength. This, in turn, can also affect your expenses on manufacturing by reducing the total cost that you would pay in case of using any other material for CNC machining.

· Best Product

The product that is considered the best by the users is always the best. Most people prefer to use the product that is manufactured from CNC Machining stainless steel. The reason behind its higher use is that the products manufactured from stainless steel are always of the highest quality having much higher durability.

Due to all of the above-mentioned reasons, stainless steel is so popular to be used in CNC machining technology for the manufacturing of products.