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Ruitai Is A Considerable and Custom Brass CNC Machining Manufacturer 

A Customizable Brass Machining Service to You


The Most Considerable Brass CNC Machining Manufacturer in China 

After years of experience in brass CNC machining, we are pretty familiar with the properties of metal and also CNC machining. And Ruitai determines to offer you the most considerable brass CNC machining service.

With expert and wealthy experience in brass CNC machining, the Ruitai team can help you address all kinds of problems from 3D files analysis to free brass CNC machining guidance. Because the engineers of Ruitai have more than 10 years of working experience. You can send us any confusing problems and our sales representative will turn the engineer’s solutions to you by e-mail with 24/7 available.

Do you want to get the most considerable brass CNC machining service from Ruitai? We are always online for you!

Brass Fabrication

CNC turning, CNC milling, and CNC drilling are suitable for making brass components. We get a full suite of CNC machines to support your brass machining parts.

CNC Brass Parts

We can apply brass CNC machined parts to make all kinds of small components for the bicycles. Do you get any urgent bicycle brass CNC machining parts to do? We would like to support you with a fast lead time.

Communication Brass CNC Machining Parts

Brass has high decoration, high strength, and workability. And brass CNC machining parts can be applied in the connectors of 5G devices.

Automotive Brass CNC Machining Parts

Do you feel worried about finding a superior supplier for your automotive CNC machining parts with complex design? We highly recommend brass to make machining parts.

5 Axis Brass CNC Machining Parts

5 axis brass CNC machines can help us produce metal parts with high precision. At Ruitai, our state-of-art 5 axis CNC machines will support your machining project with high quality.

Small Batch Brass CNC Machining Parts 

Except for mass production, the Ruitai team will also assist your small-batch brass CNC machining parts project. And there is no minimum quantity at Ruitai.


A Custom Brass CNC Machining Supplier in China 

With the assistance of our full set of advanced CNC machines, Ruitai is your custom brass CNC machining supplier.

We get a tight tolerance on brass CNC machining parts, which have a broad application in a variety of industries: aerospace, automotive, bicycle, home-appliance, telecommunication, etc. For brass parts with simple or intricate designs, we can use our CNC machines to produce high-precision brass CNC machining components. If you have any extra requirements, you can also send the details to us. We will start the brass CNC machining project totally according to your every specification.

Except that, we will send the picture and videos to you to know more about brass CNC machining processing. We know that ensuring you know every detail is vital for you and build mutual trust between you and us.

Do you want to discover more about what Ruitai can provide you? Just contact us now!


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    At Ruitai, we give you a customizable plastic injection molding service. So, you need to send us your drawings first, and our team will evaluate them for and make the injection molding parts according to your drawings.

  • Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication

    Except for metal material, there are a variety of metals for your selection. And custom sheet metal forming is a division of our machining services. If you still doubt Ruitai’s capability, you can contact Ruitai anytime.

  • Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication

    Do you often use stainless steel as your metal fabrication project material? It is a superior material with high corrosion. We often apply it in various machinings: CNC turning, CNC milling, CNC drilling, and sheet metal stamping.

  • Copper Parts

    The copper with 100% purity has not much machinability. Thus, it would be better to make the metal components with copper alloys.


1. What Is Brass CNC Machining?

Brass CNC machining refers to making the brass components by CNC machining. CNC machining is a processing way of high precision. If you belong to the companies which mainly design brass products with intricate and delicate designs, you can choose CNC machining to make prototypes at the designing stage. If you want to do mass production, you can also depend on the CNC machining service provided by your machining manufacturer.

Ruitai is also a brass CNC machining service provider. We are so proud of our high-precision brass components and our considerable after-sales service. If you just need our help, you can drop us an e-mail anytime.

Figure1 Brass CNC Machining Parts

2. What Are the Benefits of Brass CNC Machining?

We would like to introduce some benefits of brass CNC machining here.

(1) High-efficiency.

CNC machining is a processing method with high speed. At the same time, brass is also metal with high workability and strength. Thus, compared to other metals, brass can be machined more quickly by CNC machining.

(2) High Recovery Rate.

Just like aluminum, brass can be recycled 100%. And there is no harmful gas emission when brass is processed by CNC machining.