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A Professional Custom Sheet Metal Forming Supplier in China

Backed with 15+ years of expertise in custom sheet metal forming, Ruitai is one of the industry leaders in offering you cost-effective and high-precision sheet metal parts.

Our engineers are well-experienced and professional in custom sheet metal forming. From small-batch or mass production projects, we can give you the most satisfying and professional advice. As to our tolerance, we can even reach ± 0.08mm.

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Custom Sheet Metal Forming for Aerospace

Sheet Metal can apply for the production of wings and fuselages of aircraft. If you are looking for high-precision sheet metal parts, Ruitai will be a superior choice for you.

Custom Sheet Metal Forming for Automotive

The doors/hoods/fenders are common usages in custom sheet metal forming. We can do many secondary services like painting for your car parts.

Custom Sheet Metal Forming for Lighting

Ruitai also offers sheet metal parts for your lighting design. From prototyping to mass production, we would like to support your product development.

Custom Aluminum Fabrication

We get abundant metals for your choice. Aluminum is one of the available metals in our factory. And the source of our metals is from superior metal fabricators to ensure you quality sheet metal parts.

Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication

Stainless steel is one of the popular metals for custom sheet metal forming. It is anti-corrosion and heat-resistant. Ruitai will offer the most cost-effective solution for your unique design.

Custom Sheet Metal Processing

Carbon steel is a good choice for your custom sheet metal forming project. Ruitai takes pride in high-precision carbon steel parts with fast lead-time.

Your Trusted and High-quality Custom Sheet Metal Forming Supplier

Ruitai has cooperated with 1000+ clients worldwide on custom sheet metal forming. We have been continuously enhancing our capabilities to provide the premier sheet metal forming parts to you. Your satisfaction is always our passion to complete high-quality sheet metal parts.

We can offer multiple sheet metal processing methods like bending/punching/laser cutting/embossing to serve your machining needs. Equipped with the most advanced cutting machines/CNC machines, Ruitai can determine the best approach for your custom sheet metal forming.

We are a renowned fabricator for our professional quality control. Our quality control team will do several inspections on sheet metal parts during every vital process. After starting the initial production, our inspectors will begin the first inspection on those sheet metal parts. After the surface treatments like anodizing/painting, we will inspect their tolerance again. Before delivery, the inspectors will do the final quality checking to ensure the final performance and quality of the sheet metal parts.

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1. What Is Custom Sheet Metal Forming?

Custom sheet metal forming is a process that applies force on one piece of sheet metal without reducing any material. Meanwhile, this process will change the surface and properties of the metals. And the strong force will make the metal suffer the high-extensive pressure, which would cause the deformation of the material. By doing so, the sheet metal pieces can be bent into different simple or complex shapes.

During the process, the clients will choose their desired materials for sheet metal forming. Manufacturers will do the manufacture in conformance with the specific orders by their clients. As to all the details about sheet metal forming, the fabricators will communicate with their clients closely until the projects have finished.

Custom Sheet Metal Forming-Punching

Figure1 Custom Sheet Metal Forming-Punching

2. What Are Custom Sheet Metal Forming Processes?

There are five main processes to do custom sheet metal forming.

  • Bending. The suppliers will apply different presses like roll forming machines to bend the sheet metal parts. To avoid damages during the processing, they also need to be very familiar with the medium’s characteristics.
  • Punching. The working principle of punching is very similar to a hole puncher. Together with a punch and die, they will make a specific hole on the sheet metal pieces.
  • Laser Cutting. Laser cutting will make a hole on the sheet metal pieces with higher efficiency. CNC machines can also apply to do cutting. And laser cutting will produce more burrs.
  • Curling. Curling plays a role in deburring. During the processing, although we can cut the sheet metal pieces into specific sizes, there are still a lot of burrs on their surface. And these burrs will lead to tolerance issues. So, the deburring machines will do a great help in ensuring the quality.
  • Embossing. It will make bulging and depressing patterns on the surface of the sheet metal pieces.

Custom Sheet Metal Forming-Bending

Figure2 Custom Sheet Metal Forming-Bending