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A Cost-effective Automotive Stamping Parts Provider in China

At Ruitai, we offer you cost-effective and customized automotive stamping parts from 1 pc to 10000 pieces. Our stamping department builds and maintains our customized tooling. And we offer you full service from building tooling to finished automotive stamping parts.

And our stamping engineers are well-experienced in serving automotive stamping parts for various car companies. And we will give you economical machining solutions for your automotive stamping parts by reducing the conventional tooling cost up to 85%.

Contact us here to find out how we can give you a cost-effective solution for your automotive stamping parts project!

Stamping Parts in Brake System

Stamping parts can apply to the car’s brake system like foundation brakes and brake modules. At Ruitai, we are fully skilled at stamping and ensure you high-quality automotive stamping parts.

Rapid Prototype Stampings

The outer shell and connectors of the cooling system are two samples for the applications of stamping parts. We also offer you secondary services like electroplating and powder coating for the automotive stamping parts.

Stamping Parts in Emission System

We can also apply stamping to a car’s emission system like the components for oxygen sensors.

Small Metal Stampings

The samples of stamping used in fuel delivery systems are fuel pumps and outer shells. With the expertise in automotive stamping parts, our engineers can give you professional advice for your project.

Stamping Parts in Lighting

Ruitai can make the reflectors and shields of the car’s lighting system by stamping with high quality and accuracy. If you are willing to do automotive stamping parts for prototyping or mass production, Ruitai will be your top choice.

Stamping Parts in Transmission

Stamping can be used for a car’s transmission parts and valve bodies. We are glad to cooperate with you from one prototype project to mass production.

Ruitai Is Willing to Be Your Most Reliable Automotive Stamping Provider In China

Ruitai offers you a full range of custom sheet metal stamping services from tooling, production to assembly, especially for your automotive stamping parts project.

We use cutting-edge technology like high-speed precision presses to ensure you high-precision automotive stamping parts.

And our engineers and sales team are 24/7 available to answer any of your questions from analyzing to assembly. We are professionals in automotive stamping parts production. Once you send us 3D files, we will analyze your files immediately and give you the most professional and cost-effective solution.

If you are interested, just drop us an e-mail here to personalize your automotive stamping parts project1


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1. What Are Automotive Stamping Parts?

Metal stamping is a vital step for applications in the automotive industry. It can cut and form the metal pieces into your high-precision automotive stamping parts with any kind of size and type. With the improvement of stamping technology, the efficiency of stamping has greatly increased. It means that we have more strict control tolerance. As to the metal range, we can use copper/stainless steel/carbon steel to make various automotive stamping parts with high efficiency.

Figure1 Automotive Stamping Parts Processing

Figure1 Automotive Stamping Parts Processing

2. What Metal Materials Can Be Used for Automotive Stamping Parts?

Metal is one of the most common materials to produce automotive stamping parts. We are glad to show some of our metal materials on automotive stamping parts for your reference.

  • Aluminum

As one of the most favorable metals for stamping, aluminum is a lightweight, machinable and cost-effective metal.

  • Stainless Steel

For anti-corrosion and strength, stainless steel is a good choice for metal stamping. We can apply stainless steel parts in medical devices, aerospace components, and so on.

  • Carbon Steel

Carbon steel is a ductile metal, which is a very ideal metal to make stamping parts in the automotive industry.

  • Copper

Copper is a mild metal, which is hard and has strong heat resistance.

  • Brass

As the alloy of copper and zinc, it can achieve high polish with anti-corrosion.

  • Inconel
  • Monel