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A Professional Additive Manufacturing Service Provider in China 

What kind of additive manufacturing do you usually choose? SLS rapid prototyping or SLA rapid prototyping? Ruitai can do both of them for you. After being in the field of additive manufacturing, Ruitai has got a reputation for providing professional and high-quality additive manufacturing service for years.

Before production, the Ruitai team will have a meeting with all the engineers to analyze your CAD files. Then, we will give you professional advice about the material thickness, surface treatment, and also the existing problems in your files. All that we do is to ensure that there is no problem during the processing. On the other hand, it will also help us to make high-quality additive manufacturing parts.

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Additive Shoe Prototyping

As to high-heeled shoes, we can also apply additive manufacturing to make our desired shoes. At Ruitai, we apply SLS and SLA rapid prototyping to produce shoe prototypes.

Additive Manufacturing Service-Automotive Parts

When you want to make automotive components with higher efficiency, you can choose additive manufacturing. And Ruitai is happy to give you professional advice on the material thickness and choice.

Additive Manufacturing Service-Electronics Parts

Have you ever noticed that the outer shell of our electronics can be produced by additive manufacturing? If you’re aimed at making metal or plastic parts with low volume. Ruitai will recommend additive manufacturing.

Additive Manufacturing Service-Medical Parts 

Ruitai is a recognized 3D printing service supplier for our timely feedback and high quality. During production and before delivery, we will send you the latest photos and videos to let you know the newest processing.

3D Printed Parts

Before putting the components into the market, the aerospace companies need to make prototypes to test the feasibility of the design. If you get any aerospace components prototypes by additive manufacturing, you can leave a message to Ruitai.

Additive Manufacturing Service-Consumer Goods

If your prototypes have passed the evaluation, you can send us 3D files to make additive manufacturing. Additive manufacturing service is a part of our services.

Ruitai Is Your High-quality Additive Manufacturing Service Manufacturer

As a high-quality and experienced additive manufacturing service supplier, Ruitai treats every project seriously and carefully.

After years’ experience in additive manufacturing, we are familiar with what you care about. Quality is absolutely the first thing you concern about. So, we set up a special quality control team. They are responsible for checking the quality of our finished 3D printed parts. If you need a CMM report, our quality will use the quality checking instrument to collect the data. Finally, our sales team will send the CMM report to you in time.

Timely communication also plays a role in our additive manufacturing service. Ruitai’s sales team is energetic and responsible. They are 24/7 available to assist your additive manufacturing project. If there is any quality problem, you can respond to our team anytime.

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  • Automotive Stamping Parts

    We can apply sheet metal stamping to make automotive parts with high accuracy. If you are interested in high-precision automotive stamping parts, you can contact Ruitai anytime.

  • Turned Brass Parts

    Looking for high-quality brass components? Ruitai is a high-quality brass components supplier in China for 15 years. We are glad to make brass components from prototyping to mass production.

  • CNC Bike Parts

    At Ruitai, we use advanced CNC machines to produce bike plastic or metal parts according to your 2D and 3D files. For high-volume production or low-volume production, we are glad to assist your CNC bike parts project.

  • Laser Cut Parts

    Laser cutting helps us to make high-precision components with high efficiency. The material range you can choose from is aluminum, stainless steel, POM, Wood, etc.


1. What Is Additive Manufacturing Service?

Additive manufacturing can also be called 3D printing. At Ruitai, SLA(Stereolithography) and SLS(Selective Laser Sintering) are the main ways we process. It has a big difference from traditional machining. Traditional machining makes components by reducing the material while additive manufacturing produces the components by adding the materials layer by layer. And additive manufacturing service is suitable for prototyping and low-volume production.

Figure2 Additive Manufacturing Service

2. What Are the Pros and Cons of Additive Manufacturing Service?

We would like to introduce the pros and cons of additive manufacturing service to you.

The pros:

(1) Less material and tooling cost. Additive manufacturing just needs to add the material layer by layer instead of reducing material. Besides, it doesn’t need to use a die to produce components. We just need our engineers to input the program into the computer. So, the material and tooling cost will be relatively lower than machining.

(2) Additive manufacturing can help you make components with very complex designs. If you are a designer, you will get more freedom to design.

(3) Fast Turnaround. Without designing dies, additive manufacturing can offer you a fast turnaround. Thus, you get the prototypes or products faster.

The cons:

(1) Size limitation. For large components, additive manufacturing can hardly do that.

(2) Additive Manufacturing is not suitable for mass production. The cost of assembling and labor by additive manufacturing is very expensive. Meanwhile, traditional machining can achieve mass production with lower costs.

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