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A Professional Brass Fabrication Manufacturer in China

As a professional brass fabrication manufacturer in China, Ruitai takes pride in quality brass fabricated parts for the support of our production team and sales team.

We attach great importance to staff training. All of our workers need to be trained for around 1 month. Only when they pass the evaluation test, they will have the chance to join our production team.

Ruitai also has an energetic and professional sales team. To make sure that you can get all the details about your brass fabrication project, our team is 24/7 available to get in touch with you. You don’t have to worry about comminucation because all the members of our sales team are capable of speaking and writing English.

Let’s see more about what brass fabrication services Ruitai can provide for you here!

Small Batch Brass CNC Machining Parts 

CNC machining is one of the most precise machinings to turn your brass fabrication service around. And we are glad to guide you to make brass machined parts with high quality by CNC milling.

CNC Turning Brass Components

Brass is a decorative and functional metal. By using CNC turning, the finished brass parts can be used for the accessories of the automotive, bike, and defense. At Ruitai, there is a custom brass fabrication service for you.

Insert Molding Parts

Insert molding is one kind of injection molding, using thermoplastic to cover the metal piece. Brass is a common metal used in insert molidng. And the combination of metal and plastic can increase the lifespan of the parts.

Brass Sheet Metal Components

Brass can also be an option for sheet metal fabrication. We would support your brass fabrication project by forming, punching, bending, cutting, etc.


Polished Brass Turned Parts

After processing, there are still some burrs on the surface of the brass components. Our professional workers would use special tools like sandpaper to deburr these brass parts.

Electroplated Brass Parts

There is an array of secondary services like electroplating and painting. The brass parts after electroplating will be mort anti-corrosion.

Get Your Custom Brass Fabrication Service from Ruitai

Ruitai specializes in custom brass fabrication with the principle of offering you the best-quality brass components. And our brass parts have been widely used in different types of companies: automotive, electronics, aerospace, agricultural, etc. And we have done some brass parts projects with various usages: nuts, inserts, transformer parts, cable glands, and so on.

At Ruitai, we also provide you with several kinds of process methods: high-precision CNC milling/turning and sheet metal stamping. We are equipped to serve you any brass fabrication needs to make brass components as to your drawings. Except for brass, there are also aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, copper for your choice.

Except that, Ruitai can also meet your brass fabrication needs on surface treatments. As to brass parts, there are electroplating, anodizing, polishing, painting, etc. Thus, you will experience a full set of brass fabrication service from Ruitai.

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1. What Is Brass Fabrication?

Brass is an alloy combined with around 33% zinc and 67% copper. And you can also add other materials like lead to increase its machinability. The basic properties of brass are anti-corrosion, machinability, electrical conductivity, and low permeability. These properties make the brass parts suitable for the components with complex design and low friction. For example, the bearings and valves. Because of its ductility, it can also be applied to make musical instruments.

At Ruitai, our CNC milling&turning and sheet metal stamping machines enable us to help you to do ideal brass parts. There will be different results if you choose all kinds of process methods. If you want to make CNC machined brass parts. The tolerance we can do for your brass fabrication is around ±0.008mm. If you choose to do sheet metal stamping, we will make brass sheet metal parts for you with forming, bending, punching, etc.

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