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A Supportive Turned Metal Parts Supplier in China

As a specialist in CNC turning, Ruitai Mould is proud of ourselves for offering you high-quality turned metal parts. According to your 3d drawings and specification, Ruitai will support you from material selection, engineering suggestions, production to delivery.

With a wide spectrum of metal materials from stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, to zinc. Ruitai Mould is capable of supporting your turned metal parts project from low-volume production to high-volume production. With the help of our professionals and workers, we have the confidence to deliver the best-turned metal parts to you. Once there is anything you are not satisfied with, you can give us feedback and we will redo the turned metal parts accordingly.

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Steel Turned Parts

Ruitai can help you make steel-turned parts with a diameter range between 0.5mm-250mm. You can determine the size and quantity. If you have any special requirements, we can do that for you.

6026 Aluminum Turned Parts

There is aluminum material with different grades suitable for producing turned metal parts. For example, 2011/6026/6082/6262 aluminum.

Metal Turned Car Parts

In the industry of automotive, it needs a lot of turned car parts to connect the different car parts. Meanwhile, it demands highly on the tight tolerance of the parts.

Turned Metal Parts

Ruitai can not only offer you a CNC turning service for your metal parts but also a variety of secondary services including grinding, laser cutting, polishing, and knurling. After knurling, the surface of metal parts will leave decorative marks.

Copper-Brass-Material for Machining

To produce metal turned parts, manometal materials like brass and zinc alloy are good choices. If you get any other manometal turned parts project to do, the Ruitai team would like to help you.

High-precision Machined Srews

In our daily life, we can see a lot of functional applications including screws, nuts, and bolts. At Ruitai, we also tend to make small turned metal parts with high accuracy.


A High-quality Turned Metal Parts Manufacturer in China

With the 15 years’ development in producing turned metal parts, Ruitai can ensure you high-quality turned parts and satisfying customer service.

We are also a metal machining manufacturer with ISO9001:2015 compliant. Every worker of Ruitai does the processing in compliance with the highest industry standard. If you want to see more details about our turned metal parts processing, we are glad to have a video call with you. If there are any engineering problems, our engineers will talk with you directly.

If you also want to know the quality of our turned metal parts, the Ruitai team will make a free sample for you according to your 3d drawings. And CMM report will be sent to you if you need it. Our professional sales team will reply to you within 2 hours.

We are always happy to receive e-mails from you!


Other Processing

  • Custom Metal Cutting Parts 

    With a full set of sheet metal processing machines, Ruitai is capable of providing you with high-performance sheet metal components within a short period.

  • Precision CNC Milling 

    As one part of CNC machining service, CNC milling contributes to producing sturdy and high-performance plastic and metal parts.

  • As a top-list plastic material for SLS 3d printing, nylon is plastic of strong strength and abrasion resistance. At Ruitai, we can apply nylon to make high-quality parts applied in all kinds of industries.

  • Injection Molding Manufacturing

    You can get your desired parts having all the specific and intricate details easily through the lathe. Ruitai has a trustworthy staff that can manufacture all kinds of CNC turning parts needed by you.


1. What Are Turned Metal Parts?

Turned metal parts refer to turning machining suppliers who choose the metal material including aluminum, stainless steel, copper, and brass firstly. Then, they will apply CNC turning to make cylindrical metal components.

Figure1 Turned Metal Parts

2. Do You Also Offer Surface Treatments for Turned Metal Parts?

Yes, we do offer surface treatments. At Ruitai, the surface treatment we provide you are knurling, polishing, anodizing, passivating, grooving, reaming, facing, etc. According to your requirement, we will arrange a production plan just for you.


3. How Do You Package the Turned Metal Parts?

There are several steps to package the turned metal parts. According to the type and structure of the metal parts, the Ruitai production team will customize packages for these metal parts. Usually, there are two common packages at Ruitai: carton box and wooden box. As to the carton box, we will also attach white paper and bubble sheets to wrap the parts, which will greatly protect them. Regarding the wooden box, we will place well-wrapped turned metal parts in the wooden box.


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