Aluminum Material

GradesEngineering PropertiesApplications
Al 1000 Series:
Al 1050
Al 1060
Al 1100
The series consists of 99% pure aluminum, in which silicon and iron represent most of the alloy elements.
ductility high corrosion resistance low mechanical performance high thermal conductivity
Aluminum busbar and radiator
Al 2000 Series:
Al 2024
Al 2017
Al 2007
Copper is the main alloy element of the series.
Excellent strength by weight better than fatigue resistance
Low corrosion resistance low weldability low ductility machining ability and heat treatment
Auto parts, aircraft parts, Transport vehicle parts, structural parts, electronic products.
Al 6000 Series:
Al 6061-T6
Al 6061-T351
Al 6063
Al 6082
Al 6262
Al 6060
With silicon and magnesium as the main alloy elements, it is one of the most versatile alloys of all machined alloys.

Medium strength and good weldability
Good thermal conductivity and high stress resistance and corrosion cracking can be heat treatment
Structural parts, steps, platforms, cover plates, truck body, valves, aircraft parts, computer parts.
Al 7000 Series:
Al 7075
Contains zinc as the main alloy element, but also contains copper, chromium, and magnesium.
High strength, tenacity and fatigue resistance
Aircraft Parts, Transport Vehicle Parts, Cycling, Golf Clubs, Weapons.
Al 5000 Series:
Al 5005
Al 5050
Al 5052
Al 5056
Al 5083
Al 5086
Al 5182
This series of aluminum alloy with magnesium and manganese as the main alloy elements.

Strong, machining and corrosion-resistant
Ship transport parts, heat exchangers, aircraft parts, fuel lines, fuel tanks, panels, home appliances, commercial and heavy-duty cooking equipment