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The mission of Ruitai is offering precision metal components to our clients from one-off machining to mass production project. And we are confident that our professionals offer you a complete machinining solutions from files analyzing, materials selection, and processing choice. If you need any technical help, we can assist you throughtout the precision metal manufacturing project.

Besides, our machine operaters and manual workers are also very professional and well-experienced. Because of them, we can finish the precision metal manufacturing project with less human errors and a fast turnaround.

If you want to get your precision metal manufacturing project started, you can contact the Ruitai team.

CNC Machining Manufacturing

CNC machining is one method of precision metal manufacturing. It’s suitalbe for making low-volume prototypes with tigh tolerance.

Stamping Precision Manufacturing

Stamping consists of punching, blanking, and piercing, etc. It enables us to make the metal parts according to 2D and 3D files.

Laser Cutting Precision Manufacturing

Laser cutting is also part of sheet metal fabrication services. It uses the laser the cut the sheet metal parts with a high speed.

As a cost-effective and machinable metal, aluminum is always a preffered one to make high-precision parts by CNC machining, stamping, and laser cutting.


Stainless Steel Precision Parts

The commonly applications of stainless steel precision parts are gears, shafts, nuts, fittings, etc.

Brass Precision Parts

Brass is a metal of high tensile and machinability. The machined brass components can be applied as locks and bearings.


An Experienced Precision Metal Manufacturing Partner

At Ruitai, our capabilites consist of stamping, laser cutting, welding, and CNC machining. Through years of experience in cooperating with the clients worldwide, we fully understand what the clients concern about: premium quality and a quick turnaround.

To ensure the quality of our precision metal components, the Ruitai team would do 3+ quality checking from material, in-process, and deliverying checking. Meanwhile, our departments including the sales, production, and engineering cooperate with each other well. That’s why we can offer you precision metal manufacturing with a fast turnaround within 7 days to 15 days.

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