Heat Treatment In Die Casting Mold

Last Updated on December 28, 2020 by Leizi

The improved technology of the traditional heat treatment process: the traditional heat treatment process of die-casting mold is quenching-tempering, and later the surface treatment technology is developed. Because of the variety of materials that can be used as die-casting molds, the same surface treatment techniques and process applications can have different effects on different materials. Schkov proposes a substrate pretreatment technology for mold substrate and surface treatment technology.

Heat Treatment In Die Casting Mold

Based on the traditional process, suitable processing technology is proposed for different mold materials to improve mold performance and improve mold life. Another development direction of heat treatment technology improvement is to combine the traditional heat treatment process with advanced surface treatment technology to improve the service life of the die casting mold. For example, carbonitriding by chemical heat treatment, combined with conventional quenching and tempering processes, NQN (ie carbonitriding-quenching-carbonitriding composite strengthening, not only obtains high surface hardness but also effectively hardens the layer). The depth is increased, the hardness gradient distribution of the layer is reasonable, the tempering stability and the corrosion resistance are improved, so that the surface quality and performance of the die-casting mold are greatly improved while obtaining good core performance.

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