Investment Casting With FDM Abs Rapid Prototyping

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1. Introduction

Investment casting is an economical method of manufacturing metal parts and in some cases even the only method, such as concave, thin-walled or other complex structures that are difficult to manufacture. The disadvantage of investment casting in small batch production is the long preparation time and high wax mold manufacturing costs. As a substitute for wax, rapid prototyping can save you a lot of time and money.

A total of six foundry companies participated in this test to evaluate the investment casting of ABS rapid prototyping samples made by Stratasys. The ABS sample is used to replace the wax mold produced by the mold. These plants have experience in using different processes for rapid prototyping. The feasibility report for this experiment was completed 9 months ago and we will test 3 samples.FDM Abs Rapid Prototyping

Figure1 FDM Abs Rapid Prototyping

2. Purpose

We hope that this report will provide FDM users and foundries with basic information on investment casting with different materials.

For users who wish to use FDM prototype investment casting, this report provides some basic explanations.

For experienced foundries, this report gives them an idea of the superiority of ABS compared to other rapid prototyping parts such as epoxy, paper, or other materials.

Finally, for foundries with little or no experience, this report will reveal the process of investment casting and the aspects that need attention when using ABS investment casting.

3. Comparison of ABS and wax parts

The wax components used in conventional investment casting are made by wax molding, which is similar to injection molding, and the commonly used mold is an aluminum mold. Today, this process has been widely understood and accepted.