ABS Robot Hand Proofing

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Here is a professional ABS Robot Prototype Supplier talking about ABS robot hand proofing.

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ABS Robot Hand Proofing

The choice of ABS robotic hand proofing manufacturers should consider these aspects:
1. CNC hand-board processing experience, the longer the hand-shoe factory, the quality of the hand-made board is more guaranteed.

2. Hardware configuration of prototype factory, mainly refers to the size of the company, such as how many CNC processing equipment, how many operators and masters.

Because ABS materials have the advantages of being cheap, vicious, and easy to process. And we can apply ABS materials in the hand industry. When processing ABS, most of the customers would like to find a hand-made factory on time, so that they can take the hand to participate in the exhibition on time and get good publicity. If you are lucky, you can even get big orders at the exhibition.

Generally, the robot hand board is relatively large. When the CNC machining is performed, if the processing stroke of the equipment is not long enough, it is necessary to divide it several times, and then splice it back, so that the strength of the opponent board will have a great influence. The load-bearing capacity is far less than the whole piece processing, so it is especially important to choose a hand-making factory with a large processing stroke.

Customers who do ABS robotic hand processing have strict requirements on precision, so it is necessary to find those manufacturers with high processing precision. Under normal circumstances, the processing precision of aluminum alloy is inseparable from the equipment. The more advanced the equipment, the precision of its processing will be The higher, the Mitsubishi CNC machining center introduced by our model, the processing precision can reach 0.05 mm.

The main processing range of Shouban Factory:
Communication model, home appliance model, office model, security model, digital model, automotive model, medical device model, robot model, drone model.

Prototypes after-sales service:
1. From the time of ordering each product, complete the customer’s design creativity and hand-made production in a short time and high quality.
2. In the process of making each hand, our company will not disclose customer products and commercial secrets to third parties.
3, the good hand model products and design results are all returned to the customer.
Our company adopts a fast CNC hand-making and complex molding process and uses a lot of ABS, PMMA, PVC, PC, POM, PP, POM, PA, PE, acrylic, copper, aluminum alloy, and other metal materials to precipitate a rich hand board. The production experience, according to customer requirements on time and quality to complete the production of the hand proofing production.