Design Principles Of The Machining Process

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(1) The designed process specification shall ensure the processing quality of the machine parts (or the assembly quality of the machine) and meet the technical requirements specified on the design drawings;

(2) The process should have a high rate so that the product can be put on the market as soon as possible;

(3) Try to reduce manufacturing costs;

(4) Pay attention to alleviating the labor intensity of workers and guaranteeing.

Design Principles Of The Machining Process

Original data:

(1) Product assembly drawing, parts drawing.

(2) Product acceptance quality standards.

(3) The annual program of the product.

(5) The conditions of the manufacturer, including the specifications, performance, and the existing state of the machine tool equipment and process equipment, the technical level of the workers, the ability of the factory-made process equipment, and the power supply and gas supply capacity of the factory.

(6) Design manuals and related standards required for process design and process equipment design.

(7) Advanced manufacturing technology information at home and abroad.