CNC Machining Apply To Egg Beater

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Here is Volume Cnc Machining China manufacturer talking about egg beater.

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A product has not yet been verified before it is suitable for mass manufacturing. When it is straight opened, there will be great risks. Thus, the most perfect method to correct this challenge would be to make the previous hand variant.

Some time ago, we just made a manual eggbeater’s hand board, which is in sharp contrast with the previous automated eggbeater product. The difference between both products could be known from the aspects of a material, surface treatment, in addition to construction.

To start with, the material differs: the manual eggbeater hand-held material is principally manufactured from plastic ABS and nylon; the automatic egg beater hand plank consists of alloy aluminum alloy material.

Second, the surface treatment is different: the manual eggbeater design is seen as a manual operation, so when designing the eggbeater handle, in order to facilitate the comfy functioning, the managed element is used in the introduction of the hands.

Third, the manual egg beater is a manual operation, the structure is mild and straightforward; the automatic egg beater is conducted by vitality, the structure is more complex, and the body color may also be thick.

Enter the programming language into the computer-controlled Machining Centre and Implement the Program command to transfer the steel knife on the CNC Machining Centre onto the surface.

The CNC after the processing of the other hand, the general surface is relatively tough, you would like to find a smoother coating by trimming, providing a base for subsequent paint coloring.

At the same time, Custom Machined Parts can be offered for you. Looking forward to receiving your inquiry.

Cnc Machining Apply To Egg Beater