Cast Aluminum Shot Blasting

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Aluminum Die Casting Service shot blasting:

After the Aluminum Die Casting Service is cast and formed, the surface treatment of the blank castings generally requires that the castings that do not require CNC precision machining are solved by shot blasting. This form of processing is known as the spray-on strengthening process.

Cast Aluminum Shot Blasting

Figure1 Cast Aluminum Shot Blasting

Spray-strengthening refers to the process of jetting the surface of a material with a high-speed moving projectile and plastically deforming its surface. Reasonable use of residual compressive stress strengthening in the plastic deformation layer. It can improve fatigue fracture and stress corrosion and fracture resistance of metal materials. Thereby preventing the initiation of fatigue cracks and prolonging the life of the cast aluminum parts.

The process of injecting and strengthening is low in cost, low in energy consumption, simple in equipment, convenient in operation, high in production efficiency, wide in adaptability, and remarkable in strengthening the effect. Widely used in deformed aluminum alloys, steels, titanium alloys, and high-temperature alloys, etc., for some applications of cast aluminum alloys.