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Combining the support of 5 axis CNC machines with the professional guidance of our engineering experts, Ruitai can help your small batch or large volume CNC machining project. Besides, we have tight tolerance, which can ultimately reach ±0.008mm. Thus, Ruitai is capable of producing parts of any size and type.

And there is a wide range of superior metal and plastic materials for your CNC precision machining: stainless steel, aluminum, copper, cold-rolled steel, carbon steel, PP, PC, PEEK, Nylon, ABS, etc. These materials are from recognized raw material fabricators. We ensure your CNC precision machining parts with high performance and accuracy.

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CNC Precision Turning Parts

Ruitai has a rigorous quality control on the CNC precision turning parts. As to each turning part, we often use a vernier caliper and height gauge to check the detailed data to ensure that these parts are in line with your specification.

Custom Anodized Aluminum Parts

We are an ISO9001:2015 compliant supplier in China. You do not need to worry about the quality of your CNC precision milling parts. This is because every processing can meet and even exceed the industry standard.

Precision Machining Parts

CNC precision drilling is also available for you. When you have no idea about selecting the right material for your CNC precision machining project, Ruitai is willing to help you.

Plastic Machining Parts

CNC precision machining is a common technique for prototyping and production. Ruitai is glad to help you make auto prototypes. If you want to make abundant auto parts, we are also capable of assisting you with a competitive price.

CNC Bike Parts

No matter for metal or plastic bike parts, our 5 axis CNC machines can make them under your detailed requirements.

CNC Precision Electronic Parts

If you belong to the electronics industry, you can also rely on our CNC precision machining to produce your high-precision parts or assembly parts.

Ruitai Is Your Trusted and Considerate CNC Precision Machining Manufacturer 

Ruitai is a well-experienced CNC precision machining company. As to CNC machining, we get CNC milling, CNC turning, and CNC drilling for your selection. And our senior engineers would like to give you an economical and professional solution.

Signing NDA files before cooperation is acceptable for Ruitai. You can 100% trust us to complete your CNC precision machining project. To accelerate our mutual trust, we can also provide free samples for you.

Our team is fully confident to offer you CNC precision machining from various industries: medical, home appliance, transportation, electronics, defense, aerospace, and so on.

After years of accumulation in CNC precision machining, we still wish to excel and improve ourselves from capability and service. And we are dedicated to becoming a more satisfying CNC precision machining supplier worldwide.

Let’s get your CNC Precision Machining Project started now! Ruitai provides you with a quick and free quote.

Related Machinings

  • Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication

    At Ruitai, there are a lot of steps for your sheet metal forming project: bending, laser cutting, punching, curling, and so on. After machining, there are also various surface treatments available for you: powder coating, polishing, anodizing, electroplating, passivation, etc.

  • Plated Die Casting Parts

    Except for aluminum, zinc is also a nice choice for die casting. Ruitai would like to cooperate with you from one-off projects to several projects.

  • Rubber Compression Molding

    As one of the simplest molding ways, rubber compression molding often uses silicone to make all kinds of products: bumpers, gamepads, grommets, seals, and so on.

  • Custom Rubber Molding

    At Ruitai, we apply rubber injection molding to assist your medium or mass production project. And rubber injection molding is also customizable. We produce rubber injection molding according to your CAD files.



1. What Is CNC Precision Machining?

The application of CNC(Computer Numerical Control) precision machining started in the 1940s and became the industry standard in the 1960s. It can help us to make different plastic and metal parts or products with high precision. And we can apply CNC precision machining in various industries: medical, electronic, home-appliance, defense, automotive, etc. Compared to traditional machining, it can greatly reduce human errors and ensure the high repeatability of the parts. And the speed of machining is also accelerated greatly.

At Ruitai, there are CNC turning/milling/drilling to help your project to save time and cost. Except that, we have 50 sets of 5 axis CNC machines in our factory. 5 axis CNC machines can work along 5 five axes at the same time. It greatly increased the accuracy and efficiency of machining. Ruitai is also a fully-equipped company and we are willing to assist with your project.

Figure1-CNC Precision Machining

Figure1-CNC Precision Machining

2. What Are the Common Materials for CNC Precision Machining?

Plastic and metal materials are two common material categories used for CNC precision machining. We would like to list some common materials in detail.

Metal materials: Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Stainless steel, etc;

Plastic materials: POM, PEEK, ABS, HDPE, Nylon, PC, etc;



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