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Your Top-list Machined Metal Parts Manufacturer Partner in China

As a well-known machined metal parts manufacturer for around 15 years, Ruitai is aimed at becoming your top-list choice for your metal prototype or mass production.

We are a team with enough capability and enthusiasm. We have our state-of-art 5 axis CNC machines and laser cutters. The tolerance we can do for you is around ±0.008mm, which enables us to make machined metal parts applied in almost every industry: automotive, aerospace, home appliances, consumer goods, etc.

The Ruitai team is also an enthusiastic one. Most of us are under 30 years old. We keep our mind to making the most satisfying metal machined parts for you. If you get any urgent project to do, you can send your design work to us any time and we are 24/7 available to reply to your e-mail.

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CNC Electronics Milling Parts 

Do you want to get your machined metal parts with a quick lead time and high precision? We highly recommend CNC machining. Through CNC milling/turning/drilling, we have the confidence to make high-quality machined metal parts.

6026 Aluminum Turned Parts

Many metal materials are suitable to be machined by CNC machining or other processing methods. And we often choose aluminum to help our client’s projects.

Turned Brass Parts

Ruitai provides you with customizable processing for your machined metal parts manufacture. And we often apply brass to create beautiful parts for the companies of automotive and home appliances.

Custom Stainless Steel Parts 

The Ruitai team is pretty familiar with everything about stainless steel. As one of the most popular metal materials, stainless steel can be processed by CNC machining, 3D printing, sheet metal fabrication, and die casting.

CNC Machined Metal Parts

CNC machining is suitable for low-volume metal parts production as well. It can be accurate processing to make metal parts.

Polished Brass Turned Parts

There are also all kinds of surface treatments for your machined metal parts. Polishing is a surface treatment, which will make the surface of the parts more glossy.


Your Professional Machined Metal Parts Supplier in China 

Ruitai is your professional machined metal parts supplier. Our confidence relies on the support of our professional engineers and workers.

These years Ruitai has been greatly recruiting more professional engineers and workers to deal with machined metal parts projects. Because we plan to increase our capability and flexibility to help your metal machining parts low-volume and mass production project.

With the professionalism of our engineers and workers, we can analyze your 3d drawings, give you the most professional guidance, and more high-quality machined metal parts. If you have any problem, the Ruitai team will address them successfully.

Alongside that, the founder of Ruitai has rich experience in making machined metal parts. Therefore, he leads our team with more focus on the quality and precision of the machined metal parts. There are several training courses arranged by our leader, which is aimed at making every staff of Ruitai gets the chance to be trained.

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  • Vacuum Casting Plastic Parts

    Generally, we use vacuum casting to make low-volume or medium plastic components with high repeatability. Before that, we need to make a prototype by CNC machining and 3D printing firstly.

  • Powder-coating-Extrusion Aluminum

    With a full suite of automatic machines, we can make aluminum extrusions with a fast turnaround and high quality. You can depend on Ruitai to make mass aluminum extrusions production.

  • CNC Copper Parts

    CNC turning is a process to make round metal/plastic components. They can be small parts for the companies of automotive, aerospace, home appliance, and electronics.

  • Plastic Injection Molding 

    At Ruitai, there is a custom injection molding service for you. You can determine everything about your injection molding project from color, size, quantity, and type.


1. What Are Machined Metal Parts?

Machined metal parts often refer to that we make metal parts by CNC machining. CNC machining is used for making high-precision metal or plastic parts. Meanwhile, metal is the most preferred one in CNC machining. Compared to plastic machined parts, metal machined parts can be more accurate with a tighter tolerance. If you require highly on precision and strength, machined metal parts will be your ideal components.

We are a supplier with 15+ years of experience in creating machined metal parts. With the support of our 5 axis CNC machines, professionals, and skilled workers, the Ruitai team is glad to be the trusted partner of your machined metal parts.

Figure1 CNC Machined Metal Parts Fabrication

2. Can You Guide Us for Our Machined Metal Parts?

Yes, of course, we can. The engineers of the Ruitai team are well-experienced in analyzing 3d drawings and offering professional suggestions for your metal machining project. From material selection to machining solutions, you can trust Ruitai.