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Our super smart engineering staff knows well how to carry out your custom aluminum machining orders with perfection. You will never have to worry about getting the wrong products because Ruitai has always been known for its dependability in terms of quality. So, if you want the best services within your described deadlines, Ruitai is going to be your go-to place!

If you have suitable projects need to do,we can make many kinds of material for your aluminum machining,just like:6061/6063/7082/7075/Mic 6 plate/6082 and some other styles.

Automotive Structures and Parts

We can produce automotive parts and bodies for you by using custom automotive machining.

Marine Devices

We can manufacture large and complex marine devices for your business projects using custom aluminum machining.

Transportation Products

Custom aluminum machining is a useful and reliable ways for manufacturing transportation products .

Aircraft Fuselages

Aluminum machining is a great process to produce aircraft fuselages, we can surely do that for you.

Electronic Equipment

The aluminum machining process can be used to create worthy and useful electronic chips, devices, and equipment.

Household Equipment

Ruitai’s expert engineering techniques can manufacture reliable household and kitchen equipment for your daily usage or business.

Customs Your Aluminum machining Parts in Ruitai

If you have been facing difficulty in getting your CNC machining orders, Ruitai is available here 24/7 to help. You can contact us anytime and we’ll make sure to get back to you in time and reply properly to your problems. We can also share our methodologies and latest work samples and working style. This will help you choose the best!

Our fast paced working is due to our engineers working with excellence. Plus, the reason is also hidden in our high-quality CNC machines imported specially for your custom aluminum machining projects.

Ruitai always make sure to provide the customers with best. That’s why, we never compromise on quality or the deadlines. Your project will never get late once you choose Ruitai as your working partner. Plus, our all the time availability will make it easier for you to keep an eye over your parts.

Our custom aluminum machining services have always been up to the mark. If you’re tired of wasting time and energy with other manufacturers, you will definitely love working with us. Ruitai first of all focuses on your product’s details that you share with us. Then, we start working on designing and planning.

Once it is all done and approved, we manufacture your aluminum machined product using our imported CNC machines. Thus, there’s no chance of you getting unwanted or undesirable quality services from Ruitai.

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Custom Aluminum Machining

Aluminum CNC machining is known to be super-efficient and a trustworthy process. It can provide you with parts that are not only durable but long-lasting and reliable too. Nowadays, finding custom aluminum fabrication near me is not difficult anymore. But if you are considering hiring manufacturers for your custom aluminum machining process, you definitely need some detailed info about it.

Figure 1 - Customized Aluminum Machining

For further in-depth knowledge about the method, you can keep reading this FAQ guide till the end. It will certainly help you regain all the details and significant information you need.

1. How Can Custom Aluminum Machining Help in Your Business?

Custom Aluminum Machining is a process that allows you to get parts of exactly your choice. As the method is customized, so you get to choose your own designs, select your grade, and everything else. This makes you able to get the parts that have all of your desired features.

You can either order them through any suppliers or manufacturers in China or simply manufacture them yourself. The parts produced with Custom Aluminum Machining are capable of doing lots of work. These parts can also handle a lot of pressure. Therefore, you can use them for longer durations. This helps you in saving money by not having to invest again and again in similar parts.

Moreover, as these parts are sturdy and durable, you can rely upon them easily. It will keep your business, industry, factory, or whatever, running without any interruptions. So, you can generate continuous revenue using these quality aluminum parts.


2. Which Aluminum Grade is the Best for Custom Aluminum Machining?

Which aluminum grade would be suitable for your parts production depends upon you’re size, features, and requirements of your parts. Each aluminum grade has different characteristics and is used for different purposes. I.e., some grades are good for aluminum prototype machining while others are preferred for custom aluminum casting.

If you are going to manufacture your parts by yourself, you must study the grades thoroughly to know which grade would be best for you. Or you can also contact a professional to consult and choose the best grade. In case you’re hiring manufacturers for your project, they can brief you about all the grades easily.

A few aluminum grades are as follows,

  • Aluminum 6061– This is the most common and well-known aluminum alloy. Its sturdiness and good strength-to-weight ratio make it ideal for making big reliable parts. i.e., automotive parts and devices.
  • Aluminum 2024– This is not a very reliable grade of aluminum because of its moderate strength and less corrosion resistance. However, it is a good choice when it comes to parts for transport vehicles and the body of aircraft.
  • Aluminum 7075 –It is actually a super reliable aluminum alloy with a perfect strength to weight ratio. This grade is an ideal one for producing solid parts that can withstand a lot of pressure. However, its strength makes it a little ductile, and thus, you need to do a bit of hard work to produce parts with it.
  • Aluminum 5083 – The corrosion resisting ability of this metal alloy is highly commendable. That is why it can be used for making marine devices and shinier automotive body parts.
  • Aluminum 6082 –6082 is the most substantial grade in the 6000s series. It’s a good option if you need to produce parts that have good strength. No doubt that the 7000s alloys are better, but as they need a more considerable investment, so this is the best option if you don’t have a big budget. You can manufacture heavy-duty objects using this alloy, including grand bridges and towers.
  • Aluminum 6063 – This aluminum alloy is a good one primarily known best for architectural uses. You can make doors, windows, and other frames related to architecture using this grade.
  • Aluminum 2014 – This alloy is easy to machine and is very well-known for its strength. It is not very good at resisting corrosion. But its strength makes this alloy worth using for reliable structural components such as truck frames.
  • Aluminum 2017 – It is quite a better alloy as compared to the above one (2014) in terms of machinability. Thus, you can easily make small and strong components such as rivets, fasteners, and gauges, etc., using this grade of aluminum.

These are just a few main examples of aluminum alloys. There are a lot more grades present in the market. You can choose the ones that suit your budget and the requirements perfectly. Consulting with professional manufacturers and suppliers from China can be of great help if you want to find the alloy that fits your needs perfectly.

3. How Are Anti-Corrosive Properties of Aluminum Helpful for Custom Aluminum Machining?

A few grades of aluminum do not actively resist corrosion, but a lot of alloys can. Anti-corrosive properties of aluminum grades make them sustainable and reliable for a long time. If you want to enhance the lifetime of your parts, you can opt for several finishes and coating after it is manufactured. It will make your part resist corrosion for the long term.

Because of this, the oxidation process does not happen on the parts made from Custom Aluminum Machining. This maintains the proper outlook of the part. So, the part not only works for a long time but can also maintain its original look.

Figure 5 - Custom Aluminum Machining

Thus, no matter how long you’re going to utilize that part made up with Custom Aluminum Machining, it will stay in great shape and provide the best results. Most of the other materials used in CNC machining do not support anti-corrosiveness. This decreases their overall working limit and reliability. Meanwhile, aluminum parts are a great choice that provides you a lot of benefits in the long run.

4. Is Custom Aluminum Machining Easy to Carry Out?

The best thing about aluminum is its machinability. You can machine aluminum and produce different parts easily. Machining aluminum does not require a lot of effort and hard work. It is only because the material is easy to handle and light in weight. You can fold or drill the aluminum sheets into your desired shapes without any difficulty.

Plus, the resistance to low temperatures and corrosion makes it even easier to carry out the entire Custom Aluminum Machining process. That is also the reason why machining aluminum on your own is not a hazard for common people.

Designing parts for aluminum machining is simpler, too, because you would not need complex designs to carry out the process. Simple g-codes and m-codes will be enough to outline the entire aluminum part for your business.

Various characteristics of aluminum come together, making it an easy material to treat and machine. These include,

  • Good Conductivity
  • Reliable resistance to corrosion
  • Resistance to low temperatures
  • Lightweight material
  • Vulnerable to machining
  • Easy to fold and drill
  • A good reflector (Provides good finishing)

There’s a lot more to aluminum other than these few properties explained above. These properties vary with grades. Therefore, you must look for an aluminum alloy that has all of your desired properties.

5. For Which Fields Can You Use Custom Aluminum Machining?

Because of the presence of plenty of aluminum grades and alloys, this material has become widely useful. You can select the grade with the properties you find fit for your project and work on it. You get a lot of options when it comes to choosing aluminum alloys for business.

For different fields, you can opt for different grades. Custom Aluminum Machining is especially a good and reliable process when it comes to producing metal-related parts. If you are in need of medical devices and parts, you are definitely at the right place.

Figure 7 - Aluminum SheetsAluminum Rods

Some of the most fundamental fields where you can use custom aluminum machining are as below.

  • Automotive industry– You can manufacture all kinds of automotive car parts, devices, and vehicle equipment with this process. Its shinier outlooks and surface finishing methods make you able to make the parts look great.
  • Reflectors and Optical Devices– As aluminum is said to be a good reflector, it is helpful in producing optical reflectors and devices. You can rely upon your side mirrors and traffic reflectors.
  • Aerospace Parts– With custom aluminum machining, you can produce an airplane’s fuselage and other aerospace parts. The reason why aluminum seems to fit all the requirements for the aerospace industry is its lesser weight and high strength. Thus, you can make really reliable and sturdy parts with this process.
  • Kitchen Equipment– Aluminum is a great way of producing kitchen equipment and utensils as it gives a fine finish and good long-term usage.
  • Household Construction Items– Different items for daily use can also be produced with Custom Aluminum Machining easily and with excellent quality.
  • Electronic Devices – Aluminum is highly preferred for producing electronic chips and devices. It is not only a good conductor of electricity but is also suitable for manufacturing small parts with intricate features.
  • Medical Industry – The aluminum material is safe and trustworthy for CNC machining. That is why you can manufacture medical devices and equipment using this metallic alloy easily.
  • Food Industry – The packaging and wrappers used in food industries require non-poisonous aluminum. It is used for proper and safe packaging of high-quality food items. This material is useful for keeping the packets safe and food fresh for longer time periods.

As the aluminum parts are resistant to corrosion and provide good strength to weight ratio, they are useful in all of these fields to a great extent. All the metallic structures made up of aluminum last longer than other materials. So, if you want to use this material for any of your business projects, you’re all good to go.

Figure 8 - CNC Aluminum Machining

Machined Aluminum Parts

6. Which Methods Can You Use in Custom Aluminum Machining?

There are various machining methods that you can use to produce parts with the Custom Aluminum Machining process. CNC machining consists of lots of techniques that you can select for your parts products.

· CNC Milling

CNC Milling is the most common and well-known CNC machining method. It is easy, reliable, and does not require a lot of effort to carry out the work. Moreover, you can produce many designs and customized shapes of your part with the custom milling process.

· Waterjet Cutting

This is not a very common method used for this purpose, but still, it is able to produce high-quality and reliable aluminum parts for your business. You can create customized designs over your parts with the waterjet laser. Plus, this cutting is very precise and helps you cut your metal sheets with great accuracy and fine finishing.

But if you’re looking for 3D or 5D axis cutting, this might not be the one for you because it cuts the object in 2D only.

· CNC Turning Method

The CNC turning method can be a good choice if you want to produce a cylindrical part. Manufacturers and suppliers in China usually use this method for producing cylindrical shafts. In this method, the cutting tool acts as a rotating machine and cuts the workpiece from sideways.

· Using Wire EDM Machines

In case you’re going to need intricate designing and structures on your aluminum parts, using this method is a great option. Many aluminum machining services near me offer this method too.

· Laser Cutting

Lasers are used to cut the metal sheets into desired shapes and forms. Laser cutting is precise and works according to your instructions. So, you can get good shapes and reliable 2D parts from this method.

· CNC Turret Punching

Turret punching is a method that does not need significant investment. It helps you create 2D parts and turn sheets into parts easily. In this method, a CNC turret is used to punch rapidly on the sheet metal to get effective results.

· Plasma Cutting Method

In Plasma cutting, a powerful ionized beam is used to cut the thick aluminum sheet into parts. This is a great method for accurate cutting for aluminum sheets in required designs.

There might be more methods which you can use for producing quality parts. The ones mentioned above are the most useful and reliable techniques that help you in carrying out quality Custom Aluminum Machining.


7. What Can You Do If Your Aluminum Part Requires Additional Working on It?

This is also referred to as secondary manufacturing. This means that you can apply various additional techniques to your parts to make them look or work better. Additional processing can include the folding, bending, knurling, and grinding of the respective aluminum part.

You can choose either of these processes according to your requirement. If you want your part to be in better shape and have a more appropriate structure, you can opt for these custom aluminum casting methods. Secondary manufacturing is actually a part of the basic Custom Aluminum Machining process. It is used in case there are some shortcomings noticed in the manufactured part.

Figure 10 - 5-Axis Aluminum Machined Part


Different manufactures check their parts once they manufacture them. They check if they can withstand high pressures and temperatures. In case some improvements are needed to be done, these methods are adopted. This ensures high-quality results and highly functional aluminum parts.

8. Which Finishing Processes Can You Use for Custom Aluminum Parts?

Surface finishing processes are a common practice when it comes to the appearance and the outlook of the parts better. Many manufacturers and suppliers around the world use different surface finishing methods to make their parts look more captivating and functioning.

In case you need an aircraft fuselage or an automotive body part, it certainly has to be of great quality and looks. The shinier the part will look, the more captivating the entire structure will be. Therefore, finishing processes are quite essential in this case. Some of the best and reliable

Figure 11 - Shiny Aluminum Machined Parts

finishing techniques that are used in the market are mentioned below.

  • Powder Coating
  • Metal plating
  • Polishing
  • Anodizing

These methods will help you make your part more corrosion-resistive and durable. You can also enhance its structure, geometry, and overall working with the help of finishing processes.

Apart from the methods mentioned above, there are many more techniques present in the market too. With time, new and modern techniques keep coming into the market that can provide you with the most desirable and valuable results. All you need to do is find the best manufacturers in town to help you through the process.

9. How is Custom Aluminum Machining Helpful for Transportation Purposes?

Aluminum machining is used to produce products that are light in weight and easy to carry. That is how it becomes one of the ideal materials to be used for transportation. People can get plenty of benefits by using aluminum for manufacturing vehicles and aircrafts used for transporting goods. Such as,

  • The easy machinability and light weight of aluminum make it efficient and useful for car engines. Thus, there is lesser fuel consumption which means, fewer money requirements.
  • Trucks usually transport heavy loads from one place to another. These loads need the vehicle to be super-efficient and strong. That required strength ratio can easily be achieved with the help of custom aluminum machining.
  • You can also use aluminum for making marine crafts. Due to better corrosion resistance, the body of the marines would stay as fresh as new for a longer time. Thus, they will serve you for much more time than the marines made up of other materials.

Similarly, there are many other reasons why aluminum can be a great choice for manufacturing transporting items. The vehicles will be reliable, more efficient, and could be used for more extended periods.


10. How Can You Make Reliable Electrical Appliances Using Custom Aluminum Machining?

Aluminum is very ductile and malleable. No doubt that it is sturdy and durable, but at the same time, it is known for its flexibility too. That is why the material most commonly used for manufacturing electronic chips and devices is aluminum is aluminum.

Another reason for using aluminum to produce electrical appliances and wires is its high conductivity ratio. This material is able to transmit electricity and high voltages to long ranges with great ease. You’ll see that many of the computer devices and parts are made by it.

Thus, if you are in need of similar electronic parts, choosing custom aluminum machining would indeed be a great choice. You can also manufacture light bulbs and headlights, etc. with this method. Aluminum provides great efficiency and reliability.

The parts produced using this material are trustworthy and of high quality. Manufacturers and suppliers in China prefer this method for producing wires of all sorts only because of these above-mentioned reasons. You can either do it yourself or hire a proficient company to manufacture these electronic equipment for your aluminum machining project.