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Both Mass Production and Prototype Are Available for You Project

High Precision CNC Milling Service From Ruitai

Ruitai offers you high precision CNC Milling machining service. No matter for prototyping or mass production, we always place much emphasis on the quality and precision of your CNC milling project.

Our machining tolerance can achieve ±0.008mm. Our workers are also well-experienced in the field of Precision CNC milling. Our high-precision CNC milling machines and our experienced workers ensure your Precision CNC Milling parts. If you want to know our machining quality, we can also produce a sample for your project.

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Precision CNC Milling Aluminum Parts

Aluminum is usually a preferred material in high precision CNC milling machining.

Custom Bicycle Machined Parts

Ruitai is well-experienced in producing precision CNC milling and turning parts.

Precision CNC Milled Parts

Ruitai has produced many precision CNC milling stainless steel alloy parts for a lot of  car companies.

Small-volume CNC Milling Prototypes

Ruitai provides both precision CNC milling and CNC turning for you.

CNC Machining

We can do all kinds of surface treatment for your precision CNC milling machining project. For example, painting, electroplating, engraving, etc.

Precision CNC Milling ABS Parts

Ruitai can also offer other plastic materials for you like PEEK/POM/PC.

Ruitai--A Well-experienced and High Precision CNC Milling Machining Supplier in China

Ruitai can offer you the best quality and high-precision CNC milling service. This is because we are well-experienced in the field of precision CNC milling.

Ruitai has invested a large amount of money in buying hi-tech equipment. For example, there are newly added 20 sets of CNC machines with 3, 3+2, and 5 machinery axis in our factory. Meanwhile, we have also hired several well-experienced workers in precision CNC milling machining. These two factors make us more competitive and effective. And now, Ruitai keeps improving the machining capability to meet our clients’ standards.

Over these years, Ruitai has produced various precision CNC milling parts for companies in broad industries. For example, electronic devices, agricultural equipment, automotive spare parts, medical equipment, etc. Our engineers also have decades of experience in precision CNC milling projects. If you want more economical solutions for your CNC machining, we can offer you very professional advice.

No matter which industry you belong to, as long as you send us 3D files, we will give a very professional analysis and a fast quote to you.

Other Secondary Machinings for You

  • Knurling

    Knurling makes the surface of the parts more rough and beautiful. Meanwhile, it also increases the grip of the parts.

  • Laser Carved Metal Parts

    Engraving is a process that leaves a desired mark on the surface of the parts and it shows the metal’s color itself.

  • Threading

    Threading is a process of linear motion, which is often used for the mass production of screws.

  • Grinding Parts

    This process must take place on a flat surface. And we often apply it to make the surface of metals more smooth.

  • Drilling

    It uses a drill to get the holes according to the programme while cleaning all the chips on the surface.

Precision CNC Milling

CNC(Computer Numerical Control)machine is widely in metal and plastic materials machining. Before production, engineers will make the program according to 3D files from the clients. And then the workers need to control the machines during the production. This process can produce high-precision products.

Milling Machines are often used for cutting the extra material and make the products more perfect.

Precision CNC Milling



1. What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages of Precision CNC Milling Machining?


  • CNC Milling tools run as to the program which has been set up. It can also increase tolerance. Then, there are no errors during the production.
  • Quick Production. Because it’s an automatic production process. CNC milling can help us to do mass production in a short time while it can guarantee the accuracy and quality of the products.
  • Do complex projects. There are already 3/4/5 machinery axis CNC milling machines on the market. It means that we can do any kind of project no matter how complicated it is.


  • Resource waste

Compared to 3D printing, CNC milling will waste more material because it’s mainly used for cutting the extra material.

  • Less trained workers

Among most factories of the manufacturers, there are fewer workers who get enough professional training before operating the CNC milling machines. Thus, there are always some inferior-quality products cases. It will highly affect lead time, product quality as well as a waste of resources.


2.What Are the Common Materials Used in CNC Milling?

  • Metal Material: Aluminum/Steel/Steal Stainless/titanium/Brass/Copper/Bronze/Zinc/Magnesium, etc.
  • Plastic Material: PVC/Nylon/PEEK/PC/ABS.
  • Foam.
  • Solid Wood.

3.What Is the Difference between CNC Milling and Turning?

  • CNC Turning can also be called as a Lathe. It’s usually used for producing round parts like ball bearings for the bicycle. During the production, the part keeps rotating. But, CNC Milling uses cutting tool to rotate around the parts which keeps still. It may be one of the biggest differences between CNC Milling and Turing.
  • Meanwhile, the production cost by CNC turning is lower than by CNC Milling while the production speed is also quicker.


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