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On-demand Custom aluminium Machining

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On-demand Custom aluminium Machining Service

Aluminium is a popular material that we apply for CNC machining project. At Ruitai, we offer on-demand aluminium machining service.

We create aluminum prototypes for the industries of cars, bicycles, and aerospace. If you also need to do high-volume aluminium machining projects, Ruitai can support you with 50+ sets of CNC machines, laser cutters, and stamping machines.

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Aluminum Boat Fittings

They are aluminium fittings for boat models. Through anodizing, these custom aluminium machined parts become colorful and also more protective.

We can the applications of custom aluminium machining in the automotive industry like panels, engines, and fasteners.

Aluminum Spline Shafts

The aluminium spline shafts play a role in connecting the components in heavy machinery.

Professional Aluminium Machining Service

Being a prototyping and manufacturing services provider, the Ruitai team prefers to sign the NDA files with you because it can greatly protect your unique design.

To make ensure that you can receive the aluminum machined parts without damage, we will pay much attention to customizing the packaging for you. You can send your requirements to us directly and we will do it accordingly.

We will take responsibility if there are any problems with our machined part. You can e-mail us and our sales team will respond to you within a few hours.

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Why Choose Custom Aluminium Machining?

As one of the most popular materials in machining, aluminium gets its advantages.

(1) Light-weight. Because of its light-weightiness, aluminium is often a preferred material in the industries of automotive and aerospace. It can effectively reduce oil consumption and it is also heat-resistant.

(2) Machinability. Compared to steel, aluminium is more machinable. Thus, it won’t damage the machining equipment easily and not be easily deformed.

(3) Anodizable. To further protect its surface from corrosion and scratches many manufacturers will anodize the aluminium parts.