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Ruitai can provide you with all kinds of custom acrylic fabrication with high quality and accuracy. With the help of our CNC machines, the tolerance of our acrylic parts can reach ±0.008mm. Thus, we will support your custom acrylic fabrication project with high precision as long as you send us your CAD files.

If you worry about the cost of machining, we will recommend the most cost-effective machining while manufacturing them on time. In our factory, we have a complete machining team for your custom acrylic fabrication project. There are CNC milling/turning/drilling/injection molding/lase cutting available for your plastic project.

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Custom Acrylic Fabrication

Acrylic is one of the common materials used in injection molding. It’s a transparent thermoplastic.

Custom Acrylic Fabrication

Ruitai can ensure you high-precision custom acrylic fabrication by CNC milling/turning/drilling. We get our CNC machines for any kind of custom acrylic fabrication.

Custom Acrylic Parts Used for Medical Devices

Acrylic can apply to the outer shell of medical devices. Ruitai can do the custom acrylic parts fabrication economically for you as to your specification.

Custom Acrylic Parts Used for Furniture

There are many custom acrylic fabrication parts for furniture like chairs/sofa accessories. The usage of acrylic makes furniture more attractive and unique.

Custom Acrylic Parts Used for Lenses

Ruitai can produce the acrylic lens by CNC machining and the ABS accessories by 3D printing for you.

Custom Acrylic Used for LCD Screens

As to acrylic LED screens with large sizes, Ruitai will choose the wooden box to package them. It will help your acrylic LED screen safe.

Ruitai-A Trusted Custom Acrylic Fabrication Manufacturer

Ruitai is one of the industry leaders in custom acrylic fabrication in China. For 15+ years of experience in plastic machining, we take pride in our innovative and high-quality machining solution to your requirement.

In regarding the quantity, we would like to support your custom acrylic fabrication from small volume prototypes to mass production. We are glad to cooperate with you from one to several projects.

Ruitai can offer you custom acrylic fabrication in a variety of industrial applications. You may belong to the medical device/furniture/electronic/automotive industries. We can support your custom acrylic fabrication project all the time since we are well-experienced in cooperating with companies in these industries.

You also don’t have to worry about the quality of our custom acrylic fabrication. We are a well-known custom acrylic fabricator for our strict quality control. During every step of the custom acrylic fabrication, our trained workers will do inspections on these plastic parts. Before delivery, we will put the priority on the quality. We will send them to you only when the quality of the parts meets your needs. Just drop us an e-mail to learn more about our custom acrylic fabricatio!

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  • PEEK Parts

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  • PC Parts

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1. Are Custom Acrylic Fabrication Parts Easily Scratched? How to Remove the Scratches?

Yes, custom acrylic fabrication parts are very easily scratched. Taking the acrylic lens as an example, we usually need to put a film on the surface of the lens in case of scratches. 

The steps to remove the scratches on the surface:

• Putting the sandpaper into the water for 4-5 minutes;

• Using the sandpaper to grind the surface of the custom acrylic fabrication parts with regular direction and movement;

• Using another sandpaper with a higher grade to do the same as the former step until the scratches are finally gone.

• Using cotton to dry the acrylic parts and put the acrylic polish on their surface. Then, the acrylic parts seem as beautiful and shining as before.

Custom Acrylic Fabrication

2. What Are the Similarities and Differences Between Acrylic and Polycarbonate?

Acrylic is similar to polycarbonate in appearance. But, there are also many differences between them.


• Both acrylic and polycarbonate are transparent thermoplastic, widely used for optical devices.

• Their weight is also half the glass. Both acrylic and thermoplastic parts are easy to clean.


• Acrylic is less flexible than polycarbonate;

• The cost of acrylic is higher than polycarbonate;

• Acrylic’s impact resistance is less strong than polycarbonate;

• Acrylic is easier to be machined than polycarbonate;

• Acrylic is more rigid than polycarbonate;

• Acrylic is lighter than polycarbonate.

Custom Acrylic Fabrication

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