PA66+GF30% with SLS printed

Part name: Automobile intake manifold

Industry: automotive


MOQ:1-10 pcs


Alternative material: PA/nylon

PA66+GF30% with SLS printed

3D printing usually refers to the use of low-cost, simple-function desktop-level equipment for additive manufacturing, that is, a mass-produced, popular version of additive manufacturing. It sounds simple, but the use of 3D printing is so much that you can’t think of it.

 PA66+GF30% with SLS printed

First, lay a layer of powder, then use the nozzle to spray the adhesive on the area to be formed, let the material powder bond, form the cross-section of the part, and then repeat the process of powder coating, spraying, bonding, layer stacking, and finally the print. The parts that came out.