Plastic Electronic Case with Painting

The complex mold is to use the original sample plate to make a silicone mold under vacuum condition, and to pour the PU material under vacuum, thereby cloning the same copy of the original plate, which is higher in temperature resistance and hardness than the original plate.


Product Details

If the customer asks to do a few sets or dozens of sets, it is suitable to use this method, which greatly reduces the cost. The product model of vacuum multi-module has a certain proportion of shrinkage. The cost of vacuum replicating product models is generally lower than that of CNC. That is, the price of CNC processing multiple sets of samples is lower than the price of a vacuum module after CNC machining 1 set (right) Except when there are special requirements for the sample material produced by the complex mold);

Product Details

The composite materials are ordinary PU: brittle, tough; transparent PU: good raw materials, but the price is the most expensive; rubber-like PU; 8400 soft rubber.

The technique of vacuum complex molding can be used for two purposes:

1. Produce small batches of product samples;

2. Change the material; the template carved from gypsum sludge can be changed by the complex mold to the PU or POLY material which is easy to process later, or the ABS material can be changed to a material with special requirements (such as: requiring transparent, high-temperature resistance), high strength, or rubber properties, etc.).