Sheet Metal Processing Technology – Stamping

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Sheet metal processing technology is the most important process in modern manufacturing. In the sheet metal fabrication process, the bending and stamping processes are key and affect the forming state of the sheet metal parts. In the previous article, we focused on sheet metal bending technology. Therefore, in this article, we mainly explain the two processes of Ruitai sheet metal stamping, hot stamping and cold stamping.

Definition of sheet metal stamping

Sheet metal stamping refers to applying pressure to a metal sheet through a special stamping die and press to cause it to plastically deform to form the designed shape and size of the part. This is a manufacturing process used to shape sheet metal into desired components or parts. It’s worth noting that sheet metal punched parts often have burrs on their edges, so they need to be filed or machined before use. Ruitai Platform has professional deburring surface treatment services and can provide secondary treatment for your sheet metal parts.


Types of sheet metal stamping

The sheet metal stamping process is distinguished by temperature and can be divided into hot stamping and cold stamping. Here are the details.

Sheet metal hot stamping

Sheet metal hot stamping refers to taking the heated metal material out of the heating furnace and sending it to a designated thermoforming mold. Then external force is applied through the mold clamping mold, and after a certain period of reaction, the required sheet metal part is formed shape. In this process, the key is to quickly transfer the heated metal material into the thermoforming mold. If the speed is too slow, it will affect the quality of the finished stamping parts.


Sheet metal hot stamping is more suitable for processing metal sheets with high deformation resistance and poor plasticity. It is widely used in the manufacturing of automobile anti-collision beams, safety parts, body structural parts and other automobile parts. In addition, sheet metal hot stamping technology can effectively improve the strength of stamped parts. On the other hand, stamping parts formed at high temperatures do not suffer from springback problems, making them an effective method for lightweight production of modern automobiles. Ruitai’s sheet metal hot stamping technology has been around for many years. Therefore, it produces many auto parts for many auto brands and is very popular among customers.

Sheet metal cold stamping forming

Sheet metal cold stamping refers to a processing process performed at room temperature. It is one of the main methods of pressure processing (also known as metal forming processing). It is the most commonly used stamping method for sheet metal materials, and it is also the most commonly used sheet material metal processing technology.

Compared with sheet metal hot stamping, the sheet metal cold stamping process has a wider application range and has better advantages. For example, our common bicycles, watches, televisions, steel boilers, enamel basins and bowls, stainless steel tableware, etc. are all sheet metal stamping products using molds.


But no matter which stamping process is used, it is inseparable from the three elements of stamping processing: stamping molds, stamping equipment and stamping materials. Only by combining them with each other can you get stamped sheet metal parts. Stamping dies are crucial in the sheet metal stamping process. Stamping molds are special tools for batch processing into required stamping parts. Without stamping molds that meet advanced conditions, advanced stamping processes cannot be realized and it is difficult to mass-produce stamped parts.

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