Metal Stamping Die Parts

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There are several processing methods for stamping dies:

1. Manual grinding and polishing, which is a relatively traditional mold surface processing method, mainly relies on the operator’s experience and technology to process, but manual polishing is time-consuming and inefficient, and some Complex surfaces or joints can be more difficult to handle.

2, mechanical finishing – grinding processing. Common grinding equipment includes surface grinders, internal and external cylindrical grinders, tool grinders, etc. In order to ensure accuracy, CNC machining is generally used. According to the shape of different parts, choose the appropriate type of grinding machine. The plate-type parts are made of a surface grinder, and the arc surface and rotary surface parts are made of an internal or external cylindrical grinder or tool grinder.

3, mechanical finishing – CNC milling machine. The stamping and drawing die surface processing method not only has high processing efficiency, but also has good processing quality, and can be used in other aspects besides a cavity having an inner acute angle and a very narrow and deep cavity. It has become the mainstream process of stamping die processing in foreign countries, and China is also actively developing.

The stamping and drawing die should ensure the accuracy of the position of each related part in the mold, increase its resistance to bending and anti-offset, and avoid uneven wear of the mold.