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For urgent order,We can finish your rapid prototyping projects within 1 day

Ruitai Can Finish Your Rapid Prototyping on Time

With 15 years of development in the field of rapid prototyping manufacturing,Ruitai have been imported around 50 sets of CNC machines.we can finish your rapid prototyping orders with fast speed.

Before rapid prototyping production,we will give you very profession suggestions and advise on your rapid prototyping projects.it can make sure your rapid prototyping processes faster and with higher quality.

Aluminum Rapid Prototyping

The surface treatment for aluminum rapid prototyping can be anodized,painting,powder coated,highly polished.

Plastic Rapid Prototyping

We can make different types of plastic rapid prototyping for you

Rapid Prototyping 3d Printing

Ruitai can provide SLA rapid prototyping and SLS rapid prototyping

Metal Rapid Prototyping

We can make metal rapid prototyping with materials:Aluminum;stainless steel;brass,zinc and more.

Silicone Prototyping

The shore degree can be from 30 to 90,and color for silicone prototyping have wide range.

Rapid Sheet Metal Prototyping

We can make your rapid sheet metal prototyping from 1 piece.

Ruitai-Your Reliable Rapid Prototyping Companies

If you are looking for a rapid prototyping supplier in China,Ruitai can be your best partner.

Normally,it is very hard to choose a new supplier to provide rapid prototyping service,Ruitai can make a free rapid prototyping examples for you approve.

After get approved on the first rapid prototyping models,we will arrange other rapid prototyping parts.If you need rapid prototyping services,just drop us email.

During rapid prototyping manufacturing,Our technical and sales team will give update and feedback on the rapid prototyping production in time.You will know more details on your rapid prototyping processes.

We are on line always for you,just send the details info about your rapid prototyping projects.

Latest Rapid Prototyping Projects

Ruitai Can Make Many Kind of CNC Rapid Prototyping Parts For You

About rapid prototyping materials,Ruitai can make

  1. CNC Plastic rapid prototyping(just like ABS/PP/POM/PE/PET/PMMA/PEEK and so on)
  2. CNC Metal rapid prototyping(CNC aluminum rapid prototyping/stainless steel/zinc/brass/copper and so on)
  3. Rapid sheet metal prototyping
  4. Rapid Prototyping 3d Printing(SLA rapid prototyping and SLS rapid prototyping)
  5. Rapid injection molding prototyping

If you need these kinds of rapid prototyping services,just let us know your requirements and needs,ruitai mold will give you quote within 4 hours.

What is the Processes To Cooperate With Ruitai on Your Rapid Prototyping?

  1. Sign NDA with you,it is a guarantee to protects your rapid prototyping files.
  2. Got your CAD files and more details info about your rapid prototyping projects.
  3. Quote for your rapid prototyping projects within 4 hours during working time.
  4. Got your PO on rapid prototyping.
  5. Make 50% deposit on the rapid prototyping parts
  6. Ruitai arrange the production according to your rapid prototyping final files.
  7. Send CMM test report and final video or photos on your rapid prototyping orders.
  8. Getting approved,make the balance of payment for the rapid prototype orders
  9. After Arrange your rapid prototyping delivery as requested.ship via Fedex/DHL/UPS or by sea

Is there is any questions about the rapid prototyping processes,pls contact us.

As Below is the FAQ Guide for Rapid Prototyping

 As we know that some of you are unfamiliar with rapid prototyping and want to know more details about rapid prototyping,Here Ruitai prepare some FAQ guide about rapid prototyping for you.

Just focus on the details as below: 

How to Get a Quote For Your Rapid Prototyping?

Normally,Rapid Prototyping companies can quote according to your

>3D files:the format could be stp/step/igs/stl/cartia and so on

>2D files:PDF files,the tolerance and accuracy have been marked it,it will more easier to make rapid prototyping with high quality

>quantity you need:more quantity more cheaper

>Different surface treatment,just like painting;anodized;chrome plated;alodine;silk screen;laser cutting;high polished

>Material:ABS/Aluminum/stainless steel/PMMA/PC/brass/POM/PEEK/PE/HDPE and so on

>Processing ways:CNC machining;3D printing;vacuum casting;sheet metal machining


What is the Advantage to Make a Rapid Prototyping?

There are a lots of advantage to make rapid prototype.First of all,it is very fast,and most of models can be finished within one week.

Second,the tolerance can be meet your needs at most of case

Third,To check your design,the surface treatment have a large range of choice

How Long to make a Rapid Prototyping?

Normally,it need around 7 days to finish a rapid prototype,if it is simple structure,it will be less one week.

How to do the Package for Rapid Prototyping?

The outer package is very important for a rapid prototyping,as most of rapid prototype is plastic,and it is weak and easy to broke,and another is metal material,it is easy to knock.therefore,it require a lot of attention on the package.

Normally,it need to pack with one white paper;and then with soft EVA for the outer surface.

If the weight is more than 10KG,it will be better to use a wood case,otherwise,carton box will be enough

Rapid Prototyping Package

Rapid Prototyping outer Package

It is Very Expensive to ship a Rapid Prototyping?

The weight for rapid prototype is not too much, the shipping company will charge according to the size and the weight

If it is too heavy,the package can be ship via sea.

How Long to Ship a Rapid Prototyping?

Not really. during the normal time, it just needs around 3-5 working days for shipping,it can ship by air,can choose from Fedex/TNT/DHL/UPS


Rapid Prototyping shipping

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