Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication
Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication

The ultimate tolerance can reach around +/-. 005mm

High-precision Sheet Metal Fabrication in China

The Ruitai team strives to offering you sheet metal parts with high precision. We get skilled workers to create sheet metal parts by cutting-edge technogies including CNC cutting and laser cutting. The average tolerance that we can reach is around +/-. 005mm. It allows us to make precision sheet metal parts according to your file.

Here is a group of techniques to meet your sheet metal fabrication demand.

CNC Cutting                                                                    ⇒Bending

Laser Cutting                                                        Stamping

Welding                                                                 Finishing

Why Choose Ruitai For Your Sheet Metal Fabrication Project?

• Custom. 

We get an array of techniques to serve your needs on sheet metal fabrication from stamping to welding. And all the work is based on your file.

• Surface Treatment. 

There are multiple surface treatment to perfect your sheet metal forming parts. They include painting, powder coating, anodizing, electroplating, etc.

• High-precision. 

The tolerance for the sheet metal parts is around +/-. 005mm.

• Good After-sales.

If there is any problem after receiving the metal parts, we are willing to deal with it in time.

Sheet Metal Fabricated Samples

  • Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication Parts2
  • Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication Parts2
  • Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication Parts4
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