Features of SLA 3D Printing

Last Updated on October 11, 2023 by assistant

The SLA 3D printing is a stereolithographic appearance. It is a three-dimensional photocuring method. Let’s take a look at the SLA (3D printing) prototype features!

1. A highly flexible process that can perform very complex partial production structures.

2. The production speed is fast, and the processing specifications in the equipment can be processed in parallel at the same time. It takes only a few hours to ten hours to complete from the data to the completion of the parts.

3. CAD / CAM seamlessly connected, CAD data can be directly on the machine, without data programming and part segmentation.

4. Part processing without having to consider the design and use of the fixture.

5. The mechanical properties of the resin material are slightly poor, can reach the ABS level, but can not fully meet the performance of the actual material.

We also have a CNC Anodized Aluminum Prototype to provide you with, if you are interested in our mold, you can contact us further.

Features of SLA 3D Printing