Design Principle Of Stamping Processing Service

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Do you know the stamping processing service? Let’s take a look at its design principles!

1. The designed stamping parts must meet product use and technical performance and can be easily assembled and repaired.

2. The stamped parts designed must be beneficial to improve the utilization of metal materials, reduce the variety and specifications of materials, and minimize the consumption of materials.

3. The designed stamping parts must have a simple shape and a reasonable structure, which is beneficial to simplify the mold structure and simplify the number of processes, that is, to complete the processing of the entire part with the least and simplest stamping process, reduce the processing by other methods, and facilitate the stamping operation,to increase labor productivity.

4. Designed stamping parts, under the condition of ensuring normal use, try to make the dimensional accuracy grade and surface roughness grade requirements lower, and it is beneficial to product interchange, reduce waste, and ensure product quality stability.

5. The designed stamping parts should be used to process the existing equipment, process equipment, and process as much as possible, and to facilitate the extension of the service life of the die.

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Design Principle Of Stamping Processing Service