Cutting Service Overview

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Cutting Service Overview


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In conventional cutting, the cutting fluid in wet cutting plays an important role, but there are also many drawbacks. For example, maintaining a large cutting fluid system requires a lot of money, and requires regular addition of preservatives, replacement of cutting fluids, etc., which increases the cost, and the cost ratio has accounted for 15% to 17% of the total production cost, while the tool cost. Usually only 2% to 5% of the total cost. In addition, due to harmful substances in the cutting fluid, it causes harm to workers’ health and causes environmental pollution. Therefore, its use has brought more and more problems. From these aspects, dry cutting has more advantages.


The tools in dry cutting should have better high-temperature resistance (thermosetting) and wear resistance. The current tool materials, such as new cemented carbide, ceramics, CBN, and PCBN, have sufficient high temperature wear resistance. Used under dry cutting conditions. Moreover, modern cutting tool materials are more suitable for dry cutting when applied to high-speed machining. Like CBN and advanced carbide grades, especially coated tool materials, cutting fluids at high speeds and temperatures are actually more efficient and long-lived.

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