Stress In The Deformed Blank During Stretching

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During the stretching process, the degree of deformation of the material gradually increases from the bottom to the mouth, so the degree of hardening of the blank portion during stretching is different. As the stretching progresses, the material remaining on the surface of the concave mold is continuously pulled in. The convex and concave molds become the wall of the cylinder, and the stress of the er is changed even at the same position of the material in the deformation zone.

Blank During Stretching

According to the force of each part of the cylindrical part, the whole blank is divided into the following five parts:

1. Flat flange part – main deformation zone

2. Die fillet section – transition zone

3. Tube wall part – transmission area

4. Punch fillet part – a transition zone

5. Bottom of the cylinder – small deformation zone

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