Automobile Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturing

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The general usage of plastic injection mold service in cars is of fantastic significance to the development of the automobile industry, plastic components can not only reduce the quality of cars, save energy, make the car more safe and comfy, but plastic parts also are more resistant to atmospheric corrosion than alloy, gasoline-resistant, easy to process and molding and reduce production costs.

Damage of plastic parts and adhesives, the surface of the plastic parts of the car is going to be ruined when the film is affected to the parts of the body, so it produces the corresponding harm. To repair the damaged picture, first of all, plastic parts should be repaired, so it reaches the requirements of spraying topcoat, the general use of compound binder bonding.

The cracks and scratches of plastic parts are often fixed by a binder, and the repair process is as follows: Cleaning the parts with water and plastic cleaning agent, eliminating wax and decreasing on the surface of the joint; Before utilizing the binder, the plastic components ought to be heated to about 20℃, the motorist will be sprayed on the side of the crack, and then the thing will be implemented on the medial side, along with the cracks or scratches should be pressed to the original place, and the great bonding result can be obtained after approximately 1min. The bonding website should have a 3~12h hardening period to achieve maximum bonding strength.

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Automobile Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturing