Developed Plant-based 3D Printed Steak Method

Last Updated on October 9, 2023 by assistant

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In recent years, so as to meet the health needs of various groups of individuals and also to make new and interesting customized selling points, food 3D printing has gradually moved from theory to landing, including 3D printing pizza along with some publication baking solutions.

Though Scionti’s”steak” is made entirely of botanical ingredients, they have the texture of beef. Although not so pleasing, the researchers assert they have authentic taste and texture. This method is comparable to a lot of meals 3D printing technologies. The 3D printer residue the glue into a beef shape and may make 100 g of beef in 30 minutes to 50 minutes. It’s reported that this glue is extracted from rice or peas by Scionti.

The current cost of 3D printing 100 grams of this meat replacement is two euros. Scionti expects prices to drop further as production increases. It can provide a viable alternative to a lot of failures in the agricultural sector. Additionally, this method can also be made on-demand to prevent food waste.

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3d Printed Steak Method