3D Printed Footwear Global Revenue Will Exceed $6.5 Billion

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Here is 3D Printing Mold Manufacturer talking about 3D printed footwear global revenue will exceed $6.5 billion.

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According to a report by SmarTech entitled “Additive Manufacturing in the Footwear Industry”, by 2029, the global revenue of the 3D printed footwear market will exceed $6.5 billion annually.3D Printing Footwear

Figure1 3D Printing Footwear

Obviously, the personalization and mass customization of 3D printed footwear products will become the development direction of the footwear industry. In the future, with the continuous improvement of technology and materials, customized 3D printed shoes will gain higher acceptance and become the first choice for consumers.

The report also details some of the future business opportunities for companies that have applied 3D printing technology to branded footwear manufacturing, some of the main interest trends that drive large-scale footwear customization, and factors that limit technology development.3D Printing Footwear2

Figure2 3D Printing Footwear2

SmarTech pointed out in the report that the current 3D printing-related income of footwear accounts for about 0.3% of the global footwear market revenue, and it is expected that this number will increase to 1.5% by 2029. The final part accounted for 34% of 3D printed footwear revenue. Among them, the midsole of 3D printed shoes will become the most important source of income in the industry, with a compound annual growth rate of 24%.

In addition, by 2029, the demand for 3D printed materials in the footwear industry will reach 37,000 metric tons. Of these, 50% comes from powder. By then, 3D printed shoes will together with household items occupy the largest market share in the 3D printing consumer market.

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