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Low-volume Injection Molding Service

Reduce your cost and lead-time within days

Low-volume Injection Molding Service-From Rapid Tooling to Production

As for injection molding, you can depend on Ruitai to do low-volume molding project. We create the molding parts from 200 to 500 pieces. Besides, Ruitai offers you one-stop molding services from rapid tooling to packaging. We get a set of technologies to support your project to save your time and energy.

Rapid Tooling. We combine CNC machining and EDM machining to create high-precision mold.

Injection Molding. After tooling, the next step is to do the molding. Its steps consist of clamping, injection, cooling and ejection. Then, we will get the low-volume molding parts within days.

Quality Checking. To ensure the tolerance of the plastic parts, the QC team will do multiple checking on them.

Custom Packaging. Packaging is the last step to protect the plastic parts from damaging.



Different Types of Low-volume Injection Molding Services

There are mainly two types of injection molding: overmolding and insert molding. They are different in many aspects.

Overmolding. It creates plastic parts by combining multiple types of plastic to create a complete plastic part. Generally, the so-called base is a type of hard plastic while the upper layer of the part is softer.

Insert molding. It is similar to overmolding. What makes it different from overmolding mainly relies on the base, which is a metal part.

Both of them offer more flexibility for the designers to combine various metals and plastics to create beautiful molding plastic parts.

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