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We will bring your 2D and 3D drawings into delicate products.

A Premier Custom Plastic Molding Manufacturer-Ruitai Mold

With the mission of supplying our customers the premier plastic molding parts, the Ruitai team has always cooperated tacitly for years.

We place great emphasis on teamwork to improve the efficiency of our custom plastic molding services. Our team has several divisions: sales, production, engineering, and inspection. Especially our inspection team plays a role in our custom plastic molding service.

Before we deliver the finished injection molding parts to you, they are responsible for checking the tolerance of each plastic part multiple times. At Ruitai, there are many advanced checking tools: CMM, height gauge, and caliper.

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Automotive Plastic Molding Parts 

There are several kinds of plastic material to make automotive plastic molding parts: ABS, Nylon, PMMA, PP, PU, PVC, etc. Plastic molding is applied often to produce the prototypes of exterior and interior components.

Medical Plastic Molding Parts

Injection molding can be applied to make premier medical devices. For example, disposables, surgical devices, and implants. Meanwhile, it’s economical processing if you want to make plastic molding parts with high volume.

Consumer Plastic Molding Parts

At Ruitai, we are also capable of making end-use consumer plastic molding parts. And everything is depended on your drawings. The surface treatment service is available for you. Therefore, Ruitai can supply you with a one-stop service.

Custom Molding Bike Parts

Do you want to make bike plastic accessories with a fast lead time? Injection molding is your top-list choice. We need to make an aluminum tool to make numerous bike plastic components with high repeatability and accuracy.

Plastic Molding Parts

As a popular surface treatment, a matte finish can make the plastic parts look more delicate. Many clients require this postprocessing for their plastic molding project.

High-volume Plastic Molding Parts 

The bigger the volume you want to make, the lower the cost. If you choose to make high-volume plastic molding parts, you can a more economical price for your plastic molding project. Do you want to get any interest in plastic molding parts? You can send us your drawings.

A Custom Plastic Molding Service Supplier in China

Being a custom plastic molding service provider, Ruitai Mold is proud to offer you premium quality plastic molding prototypes and end-use parts.

Our various plastic molding processes are available for you to choose from compression molding, insert molding, and over molding. According to your specifications, our engineering team relies on their years of engineering experience and expertise to guide you from offering the most professional advice to produce finished products.

As to custom plastic molding, Ruitai has no quantity limit. Thus, we are capable of supporting your low-volume prototyping project and high-volume production. And we are experienced in making the custom plastic molding components as to your drawings. If you are in a hurry for quotation and production, you can send us the drawings as soon as possible. We will give you feedback within 2 hours.

What if there are some problems with the finished plastic molding parts, you can respond to us and resend them to us. The Ruitai team will rework them for you until you are satisfied.

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Related Custom Plastic Molding

  • CNC Auto Parts

    By using CNC milling, CNC turning, and CNC drilling, we are capable of producing auto parts with low volume or high volume. It’s a high-precision processing way to turn your drawings into auto parts.

  • Custom Rubber Molding

    Rubber is an excellent material to do injection molding components, which have a wide application in electronics, automotive, and medical. It can be the outer shell of medical devices, toys, and electronics.

  • Precision Brass Machined Parts

    According to the 3D and 2D drawings, our professionals make brass components with a specified size and pattern. Brass is a material of high decoration and function. We often apply CNC machining to make brass components.

  • SLS Nylon Printing

    SLS is an efficient processing method. Compared to machining, it uses metal or plastic powder to make plastic components. When it comes to plastic selection, we apply nylon to create high-quality plastic parts.


1. Do You Provide Low-volume Custom Plastic Molding Production?

Yes, we do provide low-volume production. At Ruitai, there is no quantity limit for custom plastic molding production. Whether you want to produce plastic molding components with low volume or large volume, Ruitai can support you.

Figure1 Custom Plastic Molding

2. Is Custom Plastic Molding Expensive?

No, plastic molding is one of the most economical processes. It uses a metal mold to reproduce a large number of plastic molding parts. Besides, the larger the number of parts to do, the lower the cost will be.


3. Can You Can Ensure the Quality of Your Custom Plastic Molding Parts?

Yes, we can ensure high-quality plastic molding parts. First of all, we have cooperated with renowned material suppliers for years. Besides, the Ruitai team has strict control over the quality of our plastic molding parts. We would use state-of-art equipment to measure the parts. We wouldn’t deliver them to you until these parts satisfy your needs.


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