Custom Plastic Fabrication
Ruitai-Highly Equipped Custom Plastic Fabrication Supplier for Your Unique Design

Ruitai-Highly Equipped Custom Plastic Fabrication Supplier for Your Unique Design

A Custom Plastic Fabrication Expert to Personalize Your Design in China

Ruitai is a fully equipped supplier, especially for custom plastic fabrication. There are several kinds of machines in our factory for your selection: 20 sets of CNC milling&turning machines/15 sets of injection molding machines, etc.

As to material range, we offer you ABS/PMMA/POM/PC, etc. We are committed to providing you with high-quality and cost-effective solutions for your custom plastic fabrication project.

At Ruitai, our engineers are skilled and well-experienced in the field of custom plastic fabrication. If you are confused about the details during the production, our engineer will give some professional suggestions for your custom plastic fabrication project.

We hope that we can build a long-term cooperation relationship with you from one-off projects. If you get any project to do, remember to contact us here!


CNC Custom Plastic Fabrication

CNC machining helps to manufacture plastic/metal parts with high accuracy.

CNC Milling Custom Plastic Parts

Ruitai takes pride of the high-quality CNC milling plastic parts.

CNC Plastic Turning

CNC turning is usually for mass production. The finished plastic parts are round.

Plastic Injection Molding

We have been cooperating with renowned plastic material manufacturers to keep offering you high-quality products.

Vacuum Casting Prototypes

Ruitai will send CMM report to you before delivery to ensure quality.

Plastic 3D Printing

There are mainly two machining ways for you: SLA and SLS. Ruitai also gets an extensive material list for your choice.

Ruitai-Your Creditable Partner of Custom Plastic Fabrication in China

Ruitai specializes in manufacturing custom plastic parts in China.  These customized plastic fabrication products can meet the highest industry standard. We know that your satisfaction mainly depends on our machining quality and accuracy.

If you worry about the quality of your custom plastic fabrication parts, we can also send you samples for building long-term cooperation with you. Ruitai is your creditable custom plastic fabrication partner in China.

We are also proud of our high response rates and good after-sales service. We will reply to you for your project anytime if you get any questions.

During production, we will send you pictures and videos about the processing of custom plastic fabrication. Before delivery, you will get the CMM report from us . During delivery, we will also keep tracking the order. If you want to know more details, we will reply to you all in time.

Once you are not satisfied with the products after receiving that, you can resend them to us. And we will repair them until you are satisfied. can resend them to us and we will repair them until you are satisfied.


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  • Precision Turning Parts2

    Ruitai has more than 15 years of experience in CNC machining. We can offer you high-quality and high-accuracy parts.

  • CNC Machining

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  • Sheet Metal Parts

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  • Die Casting Parts

    We have made lots of die casting parts for companies in various industries.

  • Car Parts Prototypes

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1. How Do You Choose the Right Plastic Material for My Custom Plastic Fabrication Project?

Custom Plastic Fabrication

Different plastic material has unique properties and machining also differs. If you are not sure about material selection issues, our professional engineers will give you professional suggestions to select the most suitable plastic material for your project as to your 3D files.

ABS(Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene): ABS is a cost-effective plastic material for custom plastic fabrication. It’s glossy, sturdy and excellent in impact resistance. 

POM(acetal or polyacetals): POM is a high-performance plastic material. It is very suitable for all kinds of machining like injection molding/extrusion. 

PMMA( Acrylic or Polymethyl Methacrylate): PMMA is widely used for optical devices, which can be one substitute for glass. Its impact resistance is 17 times as glass. 

PC(Polycarbonate ): PC is much stronger than PMMA but it can be easily processed. 

PEEK(polyether-ether-ketone): PEEK has excellent mechanical properties and wear-resistance. It can be used in aerospace/transportation/medical industries. 

If you want to know more details about plastic material, you can contact us anytime.


2. What Areas Do You Have Served with for Custom Plastic Fabrication?

Ruitai has more than 15 years of experience in custom plastic fabrication. So, there are wide areas we have involved. Because most industries need custom plastic fabrication for mass production or prototyping. 

Home-appliance-Ovens, Cleaner, Washing Machine, Coffee Machine, etc;

•Electronic Device-computer, television, keyboard, camera, mobile Phone, sound equipment; 

Medical Instrument– surgical gloves, insulin pens;

Automotive Parts-bumpers, outer shell, headlight;

Agricultural Equipment-plastic sheets, rods, bins;


Custom Plastic Fabrication for home-appliance

3. Can We Sign NDA Files Firstly Before Quotation?

  Yes, we can do that for you. NDA files are used for protecting your design of plastic parts. We are glad to sign the files with you. If you get any project to do and want to sign NDA files with us firstly, you can send us anytime. We are always online for you.

4. What Kind of 3D Files Are Acceptable for You?

The 3D files Formats like igs/x-t/step/stp are acceptable for us. As long as you send 3d files, we will quote for you ASAP. 

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