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Ruitai focuses on providing the most reliable services to its clients. Our services are high in demand due to the quality of our work. This working quality and enthusiasm help us manufacture the CNC turned components in the best and fastest ways.

As reliable CNC-turned components manufacturers, we manufacture your parts using the best material and modern machinery. We use advanced and latest technological equipment that enables us to provide exemplary quality work to our customers. So if you want the most durable CNC turned components, contact our team to avail our professional services.

CNC Turned Brass Components

Brass is one of the popular materials for CNC turning project.

CNC Turned Components With Painting

We offer various surface treatments to make the turned parts more decorative and durable: painting, anodizing, etc.

CNC Turned Stainless Steel Components

We create stainless steel turned parts from small to large sizes.

Why Choose Ruitai for CNC Turning?

High-precision: That’s one of the biggest advantages of CNC turning. Its tolerance can up to ± 0.01mm. Our turned components have a wide range of applications for industries that require complex and precise components, such as aerospace, medical, and automotive.

Material Versatility: Our CNC machines can work with a wide range of materials, including metals, plastics, and composites. This allows you to choose any material for your turning projects.

Quick Response. We can share 24/7 updates and further project insights with you all the time. This will help you stay calm and satisfied while we manufacture standard products for your business.

Scalability: We can scale up your turning projects from prototyping to mass production depending on your needs.

Being one of the CNC-turned components manufacturers in China, we take pride in offering high-quality turned parts for you. Contact us here to get your turning project started now!


1. Why Choose CNC Turning for Manufacturing?

CNC machining is among the top used manufacturing technology in China. It is recognized as an ideal process for manufacturing turned parts. CNC turning is a technique for mass production of different products by rotating the material around a fixed axis.

Figure 1 CNC Turned Components Manufacturer

This usually causes the removal of parts from that material for its conversion into a proper material. In China, there are a lot of manufacturing companies that work as CNC turned components manufacturers. These companies produce their products using CNC turning technology, and hence the components that they manufacture are called CNC turned components.

2. How The CNC Turned Components Manufacturers Work?

CNC turning is also called subtractive manufacturing by some expert manufacturers and suppliers of China. This is because of the removal of surface parts from the material for product manufacturing. It ultimately results in a decrease in the volume of the material.

The process that involves the manufacturing of CNC turned components consists of the following main steps.

  • CAD Design

All types of CNC manufacturing technologies will require to produce a CAD design before the final production of a product. It is the design that determines the complexity level of the product. The design provides the blueprints to the manufacturing machinery to produce a product in a specific way.

An engineer usually produces CAD designs. Sometimes, the manufacturing companies produce the CAD design, which you can use after its finalization. The design will be produced in one of the two machining languages, either G-code or M-code.

  • Machinery Set Up

After the design is created, tested, and finalized, the next step is to set up the machinery for manufacturing. You need to follow certain things as precautions. Make sure to set up your machinery by following those precautions.

Figure 2 Process Of CNC Turned Components

  • Final Production

After all of the above steps, the product is finally manufactured. The material is fixed in a chuck and is rotated around a cutting blade at a higher speed. This results in the removal of parts from the material, converting it into a regular-shaped product. And in this way, a CNC turned component comes to life.

3. What Materials Are Used for CNC Turned Components Manufacturing?

It is very important to select the best metal for CNC turned components manufacturing. Mostly alloys are used for this purpose. Alloys can prove to be very beneficial for strength and hardness. Here are some of the highly used metals and alloys for CNC turned components manufacturing.

  • Brass

Experienced manufacturers and suppliers highly appreciate brass due to its resistance to corrosion. This makes this material suitable for long-term use. Its capability to be freely machined makes brass one of the best materials for manufacturing CNC-turned components.

Brass is also much cheaper than most of the other materials. So if you are looking for ways to reduce your manufacturing cost, you can use brass in your CNC turned components. From brass, a manufacturer can produce an accurate CNC-turned component.

  • Aluminum

If you want your components to be less heavy, aluminum can be the best choice for you. It is a cheaper material and allows you to make use of it in complex parts. Its machinability makes it one of the topmost demanded materials for the manufacturing of CNC-turned components.

Among the different aluminum alloys, the one that the CNC turned components manufacturers of China highly recommend is aluminum 7075. This alloy is great in terms of hardness. So if you want a component that you will be using in a pressure-bearing area, aluminum 7075 may be the perfect thing for you.

Similarly, aluminum is also resistant to rusting and other environmental hazards. This makes this metal one of the top most used metals in the manufacturing industry nowadays.

  • Copper

Just like aluminum and brass, copper is also regarded as a wonderful metal to manufacture CNC-turned components from it. Copper is a little more expensive than these metals, but it highly boosts up the quality of your product.

It conducts electricity in the best way. Therefore, they are more suitable to be used in the areas where electrical conductance is required. Similarly, the thing that makes copper distinguishable from other metals is that it is non-magnetic metal. So it is an ideal choice for manufacturing electronic parts of your components.

If we talk about the hardness of the surface, the most suitable material that you can use is steel. Steel is an alloy of different metals and can be used in areas that bear high pressure. The two most common metals in steel are carbon and iron. Both of them are present in steel in variable proportion.

It also consists of nickel. Nickel is a metal that highly contributes to its hardness. The higher the percentage of nickel in the steel, the greater its strength and the more difficult it will be to be machined.

  • Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is almost similar to most of the other steel alloys in its properties. The addition to this material is that of chromium. Due to its durability and resistance against corrosion, stainless steel is also regarded as one of the best materials for manufacturing CNC-turned components.

4. Why Is Stainless Steel Considered an Ideal Choice for CNC Turned Components?

Figure 8 Stainless Steel For CNC

The manufacturing firms of China mostly prefer the use of stainless steel for the production of CNC-turned components. Here are some of the most related reasons why this material is this much respected in the manufacturing industry?

  • Hard

Hardness is something that is given great importance in CNC-turned components. These components are to be used in areas that have to bear high pressure. So if they are manufactured from a hard material, they will be strong enough to withstand great pressure.

Stainless steel is very hard, and it does provide greater enhancement to the pressure-bearing ability of CNC-turned components.

  • Long-Lasting

Stainless steel makes your CNC turned components long-lasting. The properties of stainless steel make the CNC turned components manufacturer trust this material to a great extent. Nowadays, it is used in most high-quality products.

  • Resistance

There are some materials that are great in terms of resistance against corrosion, such as aluminum. But the point where stainless steel win over the other materials is its resistance against heat, fire, corrosion, and most of the other environmental hazards.

Among the different types of stainless steel, those which contain a greater percentage of chromium and nickel are better in this regard. Your CNC-turned components should be resistant to most of the environmental hazards to last longer, and stainless steel can be the best option for you to achieve this.

  • Recyclable

Although you don’t need to recycle your CNC turned components, if you manufacture them with stainless steel, you will be able to do so if you want.

5. What Is the Role of CNC Turned Components Manufacturers in the Automobile Industry?

The automobile industry is today one of the highest growing industries in the market. Today most automobile parts are manufactured using CNC machining. The CNC-turned components are used to produce modern mechanical auto parts. Here are some of the top reasons why CNC turned components in the automobile industry have highly benefited from it.

  • Manufacturing of Engines

Modern engines are built in such a way that they work with the best efficiency by spending the least fuel. These highly advanced engines can only be manufactured if a manufacturer uses the best machining technology.

By the use of CNC turned components in your types of machinery, you can produce such engines that will work with the best efficiency in the least amount of fuel. Similarly, the engines manufactured with CNC turned components can be highly beneficial as compared to those manufactured with some other technology.

  • Enhancement of Accuracy

With CNC-turned components, you can manufacture your car parts in an accurate way. Non-alignment of suspension is one of the major problems for most car manufacturers. This is due to the reduced accuracy of their work.

But if a company uses CNC-turned components, they will be able to produce the best and most accurate suspension parts for automobiles.

  • Speedy Auto Production

CNC turned components allow you to manufacture your auto parts at greater speed. This time conservation is great to reduce the production cost too.

6. How Are the CNC Turned Components Useful in the Railway Industry?

Figure 12 Production of Railway Parts using CNC Turned Methods

Modern CNC turned components manufacturers have played a great role in the railway industry of China. The railway is an important component of the transport system of any country. Therefore, it is important to pay better attention to the development of this sector.

Using modern CNC turned components, manufacturers are now able to produce different parts of train engines. Here are some of the major contributions of CNC turned components in the railway industry.

  • Engines

Modern train engines are manufactured using CNC machining. This higher usage of CNC turned components manufacturers for the production of engines highly contributes to the popularity of this technology.

With these components, manufacturers can now produce complex parts of engines that are much more efficient than most of the other engines. These engines work with higher efficiency and also consume the least fuel.

  • Wheels

The shape and structure of train wheels have evolved from time to time. With the advancement in manufacturing, technology, and the advent of CNC turned parts manufacturers, these wheels are now produced using CNC. Manufacturers in China have made these components highly beneficial for wheels production in many ways.

With CNC turned components manufacturers, a manufacturer can produce wheels that are resistant to heat and fire. This ultimately protects the wheels from deformation after long travel.

  • Gears

With CNC-turned components, manufacturers can produce efficient gear systems. These gears serve as the key components of a train, and it is necessary to pay special attention to its strength and durability. Using CNC components, you can create the most durable gears for train engines.

  • Other parts

The railway industry is not a limited one. In fact, it accounts for everything ranging from the main engine to the railway lines. With CNC turned components, manufacturers can manufacture most of these components in an ideal way. Similarly, the designs and internal parts of bogies are also manufactured with CNC-turned components.

CNC being a modern manufacturing technology has enabled the manufacturers of China and the world to make a great contribution to the development of this industry.