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Custom CNC Foam Cutting-From Simple to Complex Shapes

Create Your Custom Foam Cutting Prototypes


CNC Foam Cutting Service

Foam can be created with various shapes. If you’re looking forward to produing foam prototypes with complexity and precision, CNC cutting will be a great choice for you.

CNC machines works by cutting the foam according to the edited program. That’s why it can achieve what the human hands couldn’t do.

Besides, the engineers at Ruitai also offer you a complete guide on the material, density, and surface finish.

What Are the Advantages of CNC Foam Cutting?

There are serval advantages of CNC foam cutting as below:

▲High-precision. Through CNC cutting, we can help you create foam prototypes with complex type and precision. It is a useful technology to accerlate the process of manufacturing.

▲High-speed. Compared to manual production, CNC cutting greatly increases the speed of production. And one operator can control more than one CNC machines to produce the foam parts.

▲Good surface finish. After CNC cutting, the surface of the foam prototypes are smooth.