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A Well Known CNC Auto Parts Manufacturing Company - Ruitai

Ruitai have been in CNC auto parts for around 15 years,not only plastic and metal materials,both of them we can make it.also,we can make wood,clay models with our imported 5 axis of CNC machining.And before delivery,we can send the CMM test report for you approve.

The CNC auto parts that we manufacture have incredible toughness, efficiency, and durability. The availability of advanced CNC machinery greatly contributes to the quality and attractive designing of our products. So if you need any kind of CNC machining services for your automobiles, contact us right away to avail our highly professional services.

Auto Parts With Vacuum Casting

After CNC machining auto parts,we can make it with original mold and do vacuum casting for car parts

CNC Auto Door Parts

Ruitai can make door parts with CNC machining.and can make leather coated and painting as requested.

CNC Auto Grille Parts

We can manufacture the grille parts according to your 3D with CNC machining,and can do electroplating and painting on the surface.

CNC Auto Metal Parts

There are many auto parts that can be made with CNC machining,normally we make with aluminum and SS and some other materials.If you need to make metal engine,just send the 3D drawings to us

CNC Bumpers

Not only front bumper,but also rear bumper,ruitai can make it with CNC machining for you,and can do assemble and testing according to your needs,if you need large quantity,we can make it with vacuum casting and injection molding.

CNC Wheel Rims

Ruitai can customs many kinds of wheel rims with lathe machining,the material we used for was ADC12;6061-T6;6082 and some other kinds of metal materials

The Top CNC Auto Parts Manufacturing Company in China

For some people, it may be challenging to select the best suitable manufacturing company for a task. However, Ruitai is not going to put you in such kind of confusion. Our engineers use advanced CNC machining to produce high-tech products for your cars. We will provide you some of those samples. They help you get an idea of our manufacturing strategies and quality.

After your complete satisfaction, we will move on to discuss your project. You can surely share your targets, goals, and requirements with Ruitai. That will help us work in a better way. Send us your queries (if there are any) to know more about this top-rated CNC auto parts manufacturing company.

We make sure to deliver the best quality CNC auto part to our clients. Our work dedication greatly contributes to the manufacturing of highly durable and sturdy automobile parts. Our quality services are always appreciated and admired by our clients all across the world.

Our goal is to provide the best services to our clients that are all according to their desires. Whenever we succeed in making any of our clients satisfied with the work, it ultimately boosts our working enthusiasm. Thus, we always keep our client’s satisfaction at the top priority, making us an ideal manufacturing company for your CNC auto parts manufacturing.

Releated Automotive Prototyping Services

  • 7075 Aluminum Machining

    We have advanced technologies to manufacture your products using the 7075 aluminum machining techniques.

  • CNC Turning Parts

    Ruitai has a team of experts that can help you produce your product with modern lathe machining.

  • Rapid Prototyping CNC Dashboards

    Ruitai can also manufacture the most useful and attractive car dashboards using CNC machining, which makes your car look modified.We render tremendous and reliable rapid prototyping services at Ruitai using modern machinery.

  • Sheet Metal Fabrication

    With Sheet metal fabrication, we can manufacture perfectly designed products for you in no time.

CNC Auto Parts

The automobile industry is going through a new pace of advancement after the beginning of the 21st century. Before this, the automobile industry could only manufacture limited types of cars. The incoming of modern technologies leads to higher advancement in the automobile industry.

If we discuss some top machining technology for auto parts production, CNC machining is the first to hit our mind. CNC machining has highly contributed to the advancement of the automobile industry. This technology is preferred by many expert manufacturers and suppliers of China. They turned its efficiency and affectivity to a new path of modernism.

Through CNC machining, manufacturers are now able to produce the perfect quality automobile parts faster and cheaper.

Figure 1 CNC auto parts

Figure 1 CNC auto parts

1. What Auto Parts Can We Manufacture Using CNC Machining?

Manufacturers in China are known to manufacture almost 33.9 % of the total cars produced in the world. CNC machining, being one of the most highly used machining technology in China, enables the manufacturers to produce a wide variety of car parts. It may range from car bumpers to the internal complex mechanical parts of a vehicle. Here are some of the major automobile parts that you can easily manufacture using CNC machining.

· Main Engines

Automobile engines require to be highly accurate for better functioning after their installation into a car. Therefore, manufacturers prefer using CNC machining for the production of car engines. CNC machining is the best machining technology in terms of accuracy. This ultimately makes it the perfect one for the creation of car engines.

The engines have a piston that moves back and forth continuously in a cylinder. This movement of the piston is responsible for making the car take speed and start moving. Traditionally engines were manufactured using other machining technologies.

That is why this piston used to be slow and less efficient back then. But the advent of CNC machining changed manufacturers’ minds and made them able to produce high-quality stuff.

· Bumpers

Figure 2 CNC Bumpers

Figure 2 CNC Bumpers

CNC machining ensures fast and better quality work at a reduced cost. It is an excellent method for car bumper manufacturing. You can give an attractive and desired shape to your car bumpers using distinct CNC methods.

This machining technology lets the manufacturers produce a higher number of bumpers in the least time. It has made it easy for the suppliers of China to spend the least amount of money on the overall production.

· Interior Parts

Interior parts in automobiles are manufactured today using CNC machining. These parts are required to give a proper look to the car and make it more appealing. These parts may include the dash boards, gear systems, leather covers, and everything that you can see inside a car.

Interior parts are of utmost importance in any car because they maintain a car’s comfortability. If you install poor quality interior into a car, it will neither be cozy nor will make the car good for a long run.

Through modern CNC machining technology, you can manufacture these CNC auto parts easily. It also enables the manufacturers to produce exhaust parts that contribute the least to environmental pollution. And you must agree to the importance of saving the environment from pollution for our upcoming generations.

· Exterior Parts

Modern CNC technology is highly useful for manufacturing suspension and other exterior parts for automobiles. One of the most important exterior parts of automobiles is the spring system. This is called a shock absorber and is responsible for absorbing the extra pressure on the car’s wheels during travel. You can easily manufacture all of these auto parts with CNC techniques.

The body, bumper, and all the exterior parts of any vehicle have to be of great quality. Otherwise, your car won’t last long. To make a car useful for many years, it is essential to make its body and outer parts able to withstand all extreme circumstances. And that you can do with CNC auto parts in the easiest ways!

2. Why Is CNC Auto Parts Production More Beneficial Than Other Methods?

Here are some of the top reasons that give an upper hand to the CNC technology over the other technologies for auto parts production.

· Better Production Speed

Figure 3 CNC machining for auto parts

Figure 3 CNC machining for CNC auto parts

No one will like to get their product manufactured in greater time. CNC machining is a well-reputed machining technology for its higher production speed. This manufacturing technology is under the control of an automatic computer which automatically commands the system to work.

The commands generated from this CAD design for the CNC auto parts work as the primary keys in the manufacturing process. This becomes more beneficial if you’re planning to manufacture a large number of automobile parts. With higher production speed, you become able to produce a large number of car parts easily in the shortest span of time.

There are some other cases in which CNC machining may not be a better option than traditional machining. This happens when you’re going to manufacture a single mechanical part of the car. If you use CNC machining, you will take more time to design and produce the final product.

On the other hand, if you use traditional machining in this case, you would easily produce that part faster.

· More Precision

Less precision and less accuracy lead to greater damages in automobiles. Therefore, they are vital to be taken care of.

With modern CNC machining technologies, a manufacturer can produce a wide range of auto parts with more precision and the highest work accuracy. This ultimately makes CNC machining an ideal machining technology for auto parts production.

Figure 4 Precision Of CNC

Figure 4 Precision Of CNC

· Repeatable Production

The main thing that highly increases the importance of CNC machining with conventional machining technologies is repeatable production. We know that the manufacturing process of CNC machining is according to the CAD design.

That same design can be used again and again to manufacture hundreds and thousands of other auto parts. It is much time-consuming if we manufacture each part of an automobile in a different way. CNC machining helps us to avoid this headache by making use of the same CAD design for several parts production.

3. Can We Use 3D Printing Instead of CNC Auto Parts Production?

3D printing can be called a nice alternative to CNC manufacturing. However, most of the manufacturers and suppliers prefer to use CNC machining. This is due to its high-speed production, reduced expenditure, and higher durability of the products.

3D printing technology can manufacture different high-quality parts of cars. However, complex parts such as engines are difficult to be manufactured using 3D printing as compared to CNC machining. CNC machining is a process that usually involves cutting the solid material into its parts. While, on the other hand, 3D printing is a process that involves the addition of different substances for the formation of a variety of products.

Due to these changes, the products of CNC machining and 3D printing are also different. In today’s times, both of these manufacturing technologies are used together for the production of the final product.

Figure 5 production of auto parts

Figure 5 Production Of Auto Parts

4. Why Are CNC Auto Parts Better Than 3D Printed Auto Parts?

Several factors give an upper hand to CNC machining over 3D printing. Here are some of the main factors that contribute to the higher use of CNC machining compared to that of 3D printing for the manufacturing of auto parts.

· Surface Finish

If you are using friendly tools, you can achieve an excellent surface finish with CNC machining, which is not usually possible in the 3D printing method. Producing a smooth surface is a highly recognized quality of CNC machining. On the other hand, 3D printing technology is not that effective in manufacturing the product with smooth surfaces. This makes CNC machining to be more valuable than 3D printing for auto parts production.

Figure 6 CNC Machining and 3D printing

Figure 6 CNC Machining and 3D printing

· Accuracy

Accuracy is the key thing that manufacture needs to consider for the production of CNC auto parts. Highly accurate car parts are durable and valuable for the best cars. Due to its automatic work processes, CNC machining manufactures the product, keeping in view all the critical aspects of manufacturing.

With modern CNC machinery, you can produce your product exactly the same as your CAD design. This automatic functioning highly contributes to the enhancement of the accuracy of the final product.

· Bulk Production

Although 3D printing is much cheaper than CNC machining, still the ability of CNC machinery to carry out bulk work gives an upper edge to it. With this manufacturing technology, you can produce a great number of CNC auto parts faster and easier than 3D printing.

Due to all these reasons, it can be concluded that CNC machining is the best technology for auto parts production as compared to most of the other technologies. However, 3D printing is nowadays also used along with CNC machining for auto parts production. It has its own unique benefits that are limited to only 3D printing, such as it is environmentally friendly while CNC machining is not.

So it means that these technologies are helpful in their own places, and both are somewhat equally beneficial for auto parts manufacturing.

5. Why CNC Is Better Than Vacuum Casting for Auto Parts Production?

A technology that creates products from molds is urethane, or you may call it to vacuum casting technology. On the other hand, a technology that manufactures a product by removing and cutting layers from the main material is called CNC machining.

Both technologies are great to are beneficial for many purposes. In terms of auto parts manufacturing, these technologies are highly useful. Certain parts in automobiles can only be manufactured using CNC machining. Similarly, there are some car parts that you can produce only by using the vacuum casting method.

However, if you compare both of the technologies, you will conclude that CNC machining is better for auto parts than vacuum casting. Here are some of the main reasons proving CNC machining to be advanced and perfect technology.

· Use of Material

CNC machining is useful for the manufacturing of plastic and metallic products. On the other hand, you can manufacture only plastic products with vacuum casting. This makes CNC machining superior to molding technology.

You can produce only small and a few auto parts from plastic. It is because most car parts need sturdy metals and strong materials for proper functioning. This limits the usage of vacuum casting technology for this kind of manufacturing.

· Late but Perfect

Although CNC machining is more time-consuming as compared to vacuum casting, the results of CNC machining are perfect. You can get a high-quality and ideal auto part at a low cost if you use CNC for manufacturing. This also proves why CNC machining is said to be better than vacuum casting for auto parts production.

Figure 7 CNC Machining and vacuum casting

Figure 7 CNC Machining and vacuum casting

· Precision

CNC machining is higher and has better precision as compared to vacuum casting. Normally it ranges from 0.001 to 0.1 mm. The lower precision of vacuum casting results in the lower accuracy of the product. Thus, if you want highly accurate parts, you should go for CNC auto parts.

· Complex Parts

Automobiles consist of only a few non-complex parts. Most of the parts of cars are highly complex from various perspectives. Due to its ideal working accuracy, CNC machining can be easily used for the production of complex mechanical parts.

On the other hand, vacuum casting is simply a molding process, and you cannot use it to manufacture complex parts of automobiles. This also highly contributes to the greater use of CNC machining for automobile parts production.

· High Tolerance

The products and car parts you manufacture using CNC machining are highly useful due to their high tolerance. Vacuum casting products do not show that much tolerance as compared to CNC auto parts.

6. How The Involvement of Less Labor Reduces Cost On CNC Auto Parts?

One of the greatest reasons why most of the manufacturers and suppliers in China love to machine their auto parts using CNC machining is its reduced cost. With CNC machining, you’re charged less due to the least number of labourers involved in manufacturing.

In other machining technologies, you need to go through a series of steps to produce a reliable and worthy part. This requires more labor force. The higher number of labourers require a manufacturing firm to spend additionally on their wages, food, etc. These extra expenditures are charged from the manufacturer or supplier.

On the other hand, if you go for CNC machining, you won’t be charged that much money. CNC is an automatic and highly diversified machining technology. This diversification and advancement make it easy for only a single operator to easily manufacture many CNC auto parts.

So a production company will only need to pay that single operator instead of paying several laborers. This ultimately results in the reduction of charges on manufacturers or suppliers.

7. Which Axis Machining Is Used for CNC Auto Parts Manufacturing?

The most commonly used CNC machining is the 3-Axis method. However, for the manufacturing of automobiles, 5-axis CNC machining is ideal manufacturing technology. This is due to its greatest accuracy. 5-axis machining

Figure 8 5 Axis CNC Machining

Figure 8 5 Axis CNC Machining

is highly precise and can be easily used to manufacture extremely complex products easily. Here are some of the other reasons why it is the most useful for making CNC auto parts.

· Power of Engines

If a manufacturer uses 5-Axis CNC machining, he can easily manufacture the car engine with greater power. This is the main reason behind the higher use of this technology for the production of CNC auto parts. On the other hand, if a manufacturer uses three-axis CNC technology, he would require large space to construct an engine of the same power.

While consuming the least amount of space, you can make high-power engines using the CNC 5-axis machining.

· Reliable Engines

With 5-axis CNC machining, you can manufacture the most reliable parts for your automobiles. In old times, starting a car after a long time was a very challenging task. But nowadays, the engines are a lot stronger and reliable, making it easy for you to start it even after long inactivity. Thus, reliability is also a key factor that makes 5-axis CNC machining win over other machining technologies.

Figure 9 CNC machining car bearing

Figure 9 CNC machining car bearing

· Extremely Faster

This CNC machining is extremely faster than the others. This ultimately makes the manufacturing of automobiles much easier for you. Plus, it is super useful if you have bulk production work.

8. What Can CNC Auto Parts Be Manufactured Using 5-Axis CNC Machining?

5-Axis machining is highly useful to cut the metal and plastic into complex geometries for the production of auto parts. The steps in this process are limited that highly reduces your manufacturing time and money. While on the other hand, processes usually require a lot of investment (of all kinds, including money, time, and material).

So, here are some of the major auto parts usually manufactured using 5-axis CNC machining if you want to dig in deeper.

· Axle

An essential part of any car is its axle. Its function is the transference of energy from the engine to the wheels and helps in the movement of the car. This vital part of the automobile can be easily manufactured using the highly précised 5-axis CNC machining.

Figure 10 CNC machined spark plugs

Figure 10 CNC machined spark plugs

· Gearbox

It is also a critical component of the internal parts of an automobile. The gearbox transfers engine power to the wheel properly and effectively. 5-Axis CNC machining is useful to manufacture this gearbox for automobiles. Some other methods to produce this CNC auto part with perfection are milling and turning.

· Headlights

In modern cars, you need to install modernized headlights and thus, need effective methods to produce them. For this purpose, you must consider using the 5-Axis CNC machining. It can give an attractive look to your car. Nowadays, in China, the manufacturers are manufacturing headlights and other similar CNC Auto Parts using CNC 5-Axis machining. It is only because of the high precision and accuracy of this technique.

9. How is Artificial Intelligence Used in the Modern CNC Machining to Manufacture CNC Auto Parts?

This present world is nothing but a world entirely based upon artificial intelligence. Maybe not entirely, but to a great extent! With the use of artificial intelligence in CNC machining, manufacturers are now able to produce self-driving cars. Although CNC machining is already an automatic machining technology now, it has become much more than that.

Now, you can manufacture the CNC auto parts for cars that would be able to move automatically through self-driving. Automatic vehicles require more accuracy and precision, which is the core characteristic of CNC machining.

Through the use of artificial intelligence, CNC manufactured automobiles are able to move through the roads by sensing the environment. There are several automatic parts in modern cars that are used nowadays, too. These parts are also manufactured by the use of artificial intelligence containing CNC machinery.

10. What Machinery is Used to Produce CNC Auto Parts?

“CNC Machining” is a broader term. It is a manufacturing process that cannot be carried out by single machinery. It requires several types of machines that work together. Here are some of the main machinery examples that you can use in the CNC machining process.

· Milling Machine

The machinery that specifically uses G code language to produce cylindrical parts of automobiles is called milling machinery.

Figure 11 CNC machineries in auto parts production

Figure 11 CNC machinery in auto parts production

This machinery occupies a large space. Moreover, its charges are high too. Certain internal parts of automobiles can be manufactured in the best way using CNC millings. These CNC auto parts might include internal pipes and engines. These parts have round and cylindrical shapes. That is why they can easily be produced through CNC techniques.

· Plasma Cutting Machinery

One of the most popular CNC machinery to cut the plastic into regular products is Plasma cutting machinery. It involves the use of Plasma for cutting different materials. This machinery is very useful for cutting steel and other hard metals.

This machinery works by the blowing of plasma gas from a pipe that is extremely hot, i.e., up to 50000-degree centigrade. This higher temperature of Plasma is maintained because it can cut everything that comes in its way. The gas is sharp and works like a laser with higher accuracy.

The Plasma cutting CNC method is used for the cutting of steel to manufacture attractive designs of CNC auto parts. It can also help you shape the steel inside the wheels and align other internal automobile parts.

· Laser Machinery

CNC plasma and CNC laser machinery both work almost the same for the cutting of steel. The difference lies in their usage method. CNC plasma uses Plasma for cutting metals, while the laser machinery uses a strong laser to cut and provide a perfect shape to the material.

Laser machinery is also as much effective as plasma technology. This method has an additional benefit of laser intensity adjustment. It allows you to adjust the intensity of your laser. So you can set it low if your metal is not that hard or vice versa.

· CNC Lathe

CNC lathe is also a significant technique that uses high-tech CNC machinery. This process mainly manufactures different parts of automobiles by rotating them around a fixed axis.

This machinery has the highest accuracy. That is why it is suitable for the manufacturing of complex parts of engines. It gets an upper edge over the other machinery due to its understanding of most of the other machining languages along with the G code and M code.

All of these methods and machining processes shared above are the main ones used in CNC machining. These all techniques are useful in distinct ways according to your CNC auto parts needs. After going through a series of working combinations, the automobile part is ready for you to use.

11. How Is CNC Lathe Highly Contributing in Manufacturing CNC Auto Parts?

Figure 12 CNC lathe in auto parts manufacturing

Figure 12 CNC Lathe In Auto Parts Manufacturing

Nowadays, most of the manufacturers of China are using lathe machining for the production of CNC auto parts. In today’s world, CNC lathe is highly contributing to this industry. Because of its contributions, you may also call it the mother of machines.

Among all the machining processes, it is given importance because it can produce rotating parts with great reliability. These rotating parts are used in automobile engines to carry the normal functioning of the car. With the proper manufacturing of these parts, you will never be able to run your car smoothly. So, choose your manufacturers and suppliers attentively.

Lathe machining works by removing layers from the material and turn it into a regular auto part. This process is also one of the oldest machining technology that the Egyptians discovered. It is a diversified technology that has changed the production industry and paved the way for upcoming advancements.

Its versatility and precision are the reasons why it is of utmost importance worldwide. However, the other methods and processes are of great importance too. All these methods have their own significance and own way of producing high-quality CNC auto parts.












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