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The experts of Ruitai can manufacture your product in a significant way using modern 7075 aluminum machining technologies. Our clients always respect our services, thus having a more outstanding contribution to our work enthusiasm. Ruitai is well known for its reliability and trustworthy services, so you can definitely contact us if you need to manufacture your product using 7075 Aluminum Machining!

To manufacture your product with more incredible speed and best quality we use modern technological machinery. Ruitai always focuses on providing the best and high-quality manufacturing services to you.

7075 Aluminum Machining Appliance Equipment

If you have requirement new design appliance equipment,we can make 7075 aluminum machined for you

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Ruitai has experienced engineers and workers that can help you manufacture your car’s mechanical parts with the perfect quality.

7075 Aluminum Machining Construction Products

Ruitai is an experienced construction product manufacturing company. Our construction products are highly reliable for usage. Our main products in this category include building wires, aluminum windows, and other 7075 aluminum products.

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Ruitai can also make electronic products with 7075 aluminum also

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If you are planning to produce new machinery, you can contact us to manufacture the ideal mechanical parts of that machinery using 7075 aluminum machining

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We have expert engineers that can manufacture a wide range of 7075 Aluminum Machining With Anodized for you. Our popular manufacturing services include kitchen equipment.

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We can help you achieve the maximum potentials of your manufacturing goals. Our expert engineers are highly competitive and can help you win over the market with your aluminum products.

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7075 Aluminum Machining

Alloys are a great source of manufacturing products with great reliability and strength. These alloys are prepared by the regular or irregular mixture of one or more metals. Like many other useful alloys, aluminum 7075 is also an alloy prepared for the production of airplane parts in 1930.

However, with time, its usage increased and now, it is not only limited to producing aerospace parts. Most of the products that need to be manufactured having less weight are manufactured from aluminum 7075.

Figure 1 - 7075 Aluminum Grade

Figure 1 – 7075 Aluminum Grade

Although the products manufactured from this alloy are less resistant to corrosion, they are hard and possess greater flexibility. Due to its higher strength, this alloy is used for manufacturing hard and lighter parts of aircraft and other machinery. You can use this 7075 aluminum machining process for producing variety of parts and products for your business.

Once polished, aluminum 7075 provides a highly attractive appearance. This aluminum grade can be used for product manufacturing by different machining processes. Among them, the highly used processes include CNC milling machining and CNC turning machining.

If you need further details about this material, you can go through the following information that share every minute detail about the process and the grade.

1. Why 7075 Aluminum Machining Is Best For Airplanes Parts Production?

7075 aluminum machining is the manufacturing of products from this reliable aluminum grade. The reason behind this manufacturing process is the best for airplanes parts production is that this alloy is lighter and stronger. This means that the aluminum 7075 alloys can bear the hard pressure on themselves while maintaining their lightness.

Figure 2 - Aluminum Used in the Aerospace Industry

Figure 2 – Aluminum Used in the Aerospace Industry

This property makes it the best suitable for the production of airplane parts. 7075 aluminum machining is a manufacturing process that enables you to produce a product that can be used for the long term. Hence the parts of the airplane are manufactured by spending a huge amount of money. Therefore, they are required to be produced in such a way that you can them for the long term afterward.

7075 aluminum machining can also be considered as the perfect machining technology for the production of airplane parts due to the pressure that this alloy can bear. It can bear higher pressure as compared to that of any other metal or any other alloy. This alloy is prepared by adding zinc as its primary constituent. This zinc plays an important role in increasing the strength and durability of the alloy.

Keeping in view the hardness, lightness, and pressure-bearing ability of this alloy, we can conclude that 7075 aluminum machining is the best for manufacturing airplanes parts.


Airplane at fly on the sky with clouds
Figure 3 – Airplane Made with 7075 Aluminum Machining

2. Why 7075 Aluminum Is Better Than 2045 Machining?

Several things give an upper hand to 7075 aluminum machining to most of the other manufacturing technologies. A similar manufacturing process to 7075 aluminum machining is that of 2045 machining. Both of these production technologies have their pros and cons.

7075 aluminum machining provides greater hardness to the product, but if we discuss its resistance to corrosion, that is almost negligible. Similarly, aluminum 2024 is also considered the hardest alloy for product manufacturing.

Here are some of the top reasons that make 7075 aluminum machining better than that of 2045 machining:

· Exceptional Hardness

If you are looking for an extraordinarily hard alloy, the most well-known for this purpose is 7075-aluminum. This makes this type of aluminum machining ideal for the manufacturing of hard products. If the product is hard, it would be able to bear higher pressure and will be able to prevent itself from damages.


Airplane wing ribs.
Figure 4 – 7075 Grade of Aluminum

· Faster Production

Speed is something that has always been recognized as the most important thing in effective production. The 7075 aluminum machining produces the products much faster as compared to that of 2045 machining. The reason behind this lies in the fact that even if this alloy is harder than those of the others, it is still flexible enough to be used for faster product manufacturing.

On the other hand, 2045 machining can also be used for the faster production of your product, but that can’t be as much faster as 7075 aluminum machining. 2024 is one of the hardest alloys, and on the other hand, it is the least flexible too, which is responsible for its slower process.

· Products Can Bear High Pressure

7075 aluminum machining is the process that focuses on those product productions that can bear high pressure. It is the extraordinary hardness of this alloy that makes this machining able to produce high-pressure bearing products.

On the other hand, 2045 machining also can be used for producing pressure bearing products, but that won’t give such best results as 7075 aluminum machining.

· Lighter Products

There is a lot of machinery that requires you to manufacture lighter parts and can be easily carried. In that case, you would be required to use lighter parts that can easily fulfill your purpose while having the least weight.

7075 aluminum machining had won over the 2045 machining in airplane parts production to the lighter weight of that alloy. Nowadays, instead of 2045, 7075 aluminum machining is highly used to build aerospace technologies and aircraft parts.

3. What Products Can Be Produced By 7075 Aluminum Machining?

This machining technology is highly diversified and can be used for producing products of various types. This technology is not only limited to the production of aircraft parts but also can be used for the production of bicycles, sports equipment, and many other products, etc.

Figure 5 - CNC Machined Aluminum

Figure 5 – CNC Machined Aluminum

The following are some of the main areas of use of this machining technology.

· Home Products

7075 aluminum machining can be used for the production of a wide range of home products. Among them, some of the highly produced products include metal furniture, building wires, and kitchen appliances.

· Sport Goods

Another most important use of this machining technology is the production of various types of sports goods. Sports goods that are mostly manufactured using this particular machining technology include wearable items for sports players, like metallic helmets, etc.

· Fighter Jets

The fighter jets need to be tough and lighter. If the manufacturer uses other technologies to produce parts of fighter jets, there may be many shortcomings. Lesser Weight is highly important to be considered for manufacturing the parts of fighter jets. Similarly, hardness and high pressure bearing ability are also required for these jets.

Keeping in view the above two requirements, we can easily know why the production of fighter jet parts uses 7075 aluminum machining.

· Automotive Parts

Modern cars are designed in such a way that they can easily travel at high speed, even if the cars are heavily loaded. The presence of a higher level of 7075 aluminum in the metallic parts of those cars makes them efficient up to this extent.

Figure 6 - Automotive Parts Produced by Aluminum

Figure 6 – Automotive Parts Produced by Aluminum

With this machining technology, the manufacturers and suppliers of China are moving towards the production of faster cars. These cars are going to win over the already existing car-producing companies in lightness and load capacity.

· Construction Equipment

7075 aluminum machining is also used for the production of construction material. The aluminum alloy used in construction is thermally stable as compared to other metals. This will help you keep your rooms warm in the cold season and cold in summer.

Aluminum, due to its lower hardness, can be cut into different shapes. This makes it easy for the manufacturers to produce different designs from 7075 aluminum alloy.

If you are looking for a budget machining that you can use for your building purposes, 7075 aluminum machining may work in your case too. 7075 aluminum is much cheaper than most of the other alloys.

· Electrical Importance

7075 aluminum machining is today one of the most highly used machining technology for producing electricity conducting materials. Nowadays, most of the electrical wires and other appliances where electricity conductance is important are manufactured using this machining technology.

Due to the higher durability of the electrically conductive products, the manufacturers and suppliers of Chine highly prefer 7075 aluminum machining.

· Other Products

Some of the other important products you can manufacture using 7075 aluminum machining include laptops, smartphones, and televisions. This machining technology is also used for the production of different types of machinery for factories. This is because the 7075 aluminum used in this machining is lighter to carry and cheaper to buy. Thus reducing the cost of the production of those machineries.

Apple also uses 7075 aluminum machining for the production of different internal parts of their iPhone and IPads.

4. Through What Procedures 7075 Aluminum Machining Can Be Used to Manufacture Products?

7075 aluminum machining is diversified production technology. This machining technology can be used in different ways to manufacture your product. The following are some of the examples of the top-used machining processes in 7075 aluminum machining.

Figure 10 - 7075 Aluminum Machining Material

Figure 10 – 7075 Aluminum Machining Material

· Hall Process

The hall process is one of the most highly used processes in China. This aluminum machining process is cheaper to use and provides several benefits to the manufacturers and suppliers of china. This process came into use in 1886, and up to now, it is one of the topmost used processes in 7075 aluminum machining.

In the initial stages, the impurities that exist with aluminum are removed by passing it through different processes. In some cases, if the aluminum exists in the form of aluminum oxide, then oxygen is removed from the aluminum to make the alloy 100 % pure. After the refinement of aluminum, it is converted into molten form by giving it an enormous amount of heat.

You can easily draw the molten form of 7075 aluminum is into different shapes, and produce the final product.

· Bayer Process

Another important process that is used in 7075 aluminum machining is the Bayer process. In this process, the aim is to obtain 7075 aluminum in the form of aluminum oxide. The impure aluminum alloy is passed through several processes to obtain the aluminum oxide.

In Bayer, process aluminum is obtained from bauxite. After the aluminum oxide is obtained from impure aluminum, it is then heated up to 1100 centigrade to convert into a molten form. This molten aluminum is then used by 7075 aluminum machining for the final product manufacturing.