How Do We Turn Wide Aluminum Extrusions Into Delicate Parts?

Last Updated on October 13, 2023 by assistant


In today’s fast-paced world, manufacturing delicate aluminum extrusions has become a popular trend that has attracted the attention of various CNC parts manufacturers. Whether it’s the latest technological advancement, social trend, or scientific breakthrough, delicate components take center stage. In this article we explore practical prototyping solutions and delve into the world of CNC manufacturing, focusing on the process of converting wide aluminum profiles into complex precision components.

In the world of CNC manufacturing, machining wide aluminum profiles into precision parts is a complex machining technique. From wide aluminum profiles to precision parts, we need advanced technology and expertise to manipulate these profiles with precision and proficiency. We know that some extrusions are characterized by large dimensions that require specific techniques to achieve the required complexity and precision.

Practical prototyping solutions for CNC fabrication

In order to overcome the challenges posed by wide-width aluminum profiles, various practical prototyping solutions have emerged for Ruitai CNC Manufacturing. One of the solutions is to utilize CNC milling technology. CNC milling enables precise and controlled machining of aluminum profiles, enabling the manufacture of delicate parts with intricate details.

Do you think the processing and production of precision parts has been completed here? No, this is just the beginning. Taking sheet metal processing as an example, when you place an order, we will configure the best corresponding materials for you to process, among which the most commonly used is aluminum plate, which will come to the first process.

Laser cutting

This is the first process of sheet metal parts. Most people will choose to use laser cutting services to cut sheet metal because this processing method will increase the production speed to a certain extent and shorten the processing cycle. Laser cutting is the process of cutting flat sheets of corresponding parts from complete materials. This process is often called Pickup. The cut sheet needs to be deburred.


However, due to the different parts design of each customer, the corresponding process sequence is also different. In sheet metal processing, pressure riveting, flanging tapping, and bending processes are important links in sheet metal processing. After the above process is completed, some parts need to be processed by welding or electroplating to form the exquisite parts you see.

Final thoughts

The production of every exquisite part is inseparable from the blessing of various craftsmanship. Rite-Hite takes the responsibility of each part very seriously and strives for excellence in parts manufacturing. Whether it is turning or milling parts manufacturing, our CNC machined parts are well received by customers. Therefore, when you need to manufacture parts, please contact us, and we will provide corresponding solutions for your parts manufacturing. For CNC Machining services, Ruitai will always serve you.