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Ruitai Is Your Trustworthy SLS Nylon Printing Manufacturer in China

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Ruitai Is Your A Professional SLS Nylon Printing Manufacturer in China

The Ruitai team is a professional SLS nylon printing manufacturer for 15+ years. Except for our experience, there are several reasons why we have the confidence to support your SLS nylon printing project with professionalism.

Ruitai consists of our professional sales team, engineering team, and production team. The staff of our sales team is proficient in written and spoken English. Thus, we can discuss the SLS nylon printing processing details with you smoothly. And our engineers can provide you with the most professional suggestions. Alongside that, 90% of our production staff have over 10 years of experience in SLS nylon printing. Because of them, the Ruitai team becomes a professional SLS nylon printing supplier.

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SLS PA12 Printing Parts

As a thermoplastic of high temperature and chemical resistance, PA12 nylon is a durable material used in SLS rapid prototyping.

In most cases, we often combine nylon and glass to create a superior material to make SLS 3D printing parts. Besides, nylon 3200 GF is a popular material for SLS printing.

Polished Printing Parts

SLS rapid prototyping is a very popular processing method to make the low-volume prototype for many companies in various industries. With a rich experience in SLS nylon printing, we do believe that we can make satisfying parts for you.

Nylon Printing Parts

As a processing way that has a wide application in the auto industries, SLS nylon printing is often applied to make the modles.

SLS PA11 Printing Parts 

SLS PA11 printing parts have a broad application in the industrial field. Ruitai is a professional SLS nylon printing service provider. The Ruitai team will make a comprehensive printing parts plan with you.

SLS ABS Printing Parts 

Except for nylon, there are ABS resin, PC, and PMMA resin available for your SLS rapid printing project. We are willing to receive your e-mail from today!

A Complete SLS Nylon Printing Service Supplier in China

Being a well-experienced SLS nylon printing service supplier, Ruitai can offer you a complete SLS nylon printing service from 3D drawings analysis, professional guidance, SLS processing to postprocessing.

At Ruitai, the material range available is PA6 nylon, PA11 nylon, PA12 nylon, PA+GF, etc. According to the industry you belong to, you have the freedom to choose the most suitable one. If you need some processing suggestions, you can send e-mails to us and our engineers will give the most professional SLS nylon printing guidance for you.

Regarding the postprocessing of our SLS nylon printing, there are mainly media blasting, smoothing, and dyeing for you. If you get other demands on the postprocessing, you need to let us know. And our sales team will transfer your e-mail to our engineer team. If we can do that for you, we will reply to your e-mail soon.

We are committed to offering you the most comprehensive SLS nylon service. If you want to know more information, you can visit our contact page. 

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1. Is SLS Nylon Printing Suitable for Mass Production?

No, SLS nylon printing is not suitable for mass production. Instead, it is suitable for low-volume production with intricate design. And SLS nylon printing has a wide application in almost every industry: automotive, aircraft, art, home-appliance, electronic, etc. It can help you make the nylon printing parts with the most complicated design. Compared to other machinings, it will greatly reduce your time and cost spent on it.

Except for SLS nylon printing, metal material is a superior material for SLS printing. No matter which industry you belong to, we are pretty glad to help your project with a short lead time and high quality.

Figure1 SLS Nylon Printing Parts