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A Professional Resin Printing Services Supplier

Ruitai is one of the professional resin printing services providers in China. Because of our expertise and professionalism, the Ruitai team can deliver quality 3D printing parts to you.

Regarding the processing, we are fully confident that Ruitai is ISO9001:2015 certified and makes every part according to the highest industry standard. All thanks to our professional workers and the company’s requirements.

Our engineers are also of professionalism and confidence in resin printing services. You can depend on the engineers of the Ruitai team to get professional advice and solution for your project.

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ABS Resin Printing Parts

We often apply ABS resin to make car and toy models. For resin printing, ABS resin is also economical material to produce prototypes with low volume.

PMMA Resin Printing Parts

As a clear resin, it has a strong strength. It can be used for making high-quality printing parts. We apply SLS and SLA printers to make custom PMMA printing components. Besides, polishing is often used to make the parts have a smooth surface.

Resin Printing Aerospace Parts

Prototyping is necessary processing to make aerospace prototypes. And the Ruta team not only offers you metal 3d printing services but also resin printing services. The biggest size to make aerospace prototypes is around 1700mm*600mm*400mm.

SLA Resin Printing Parts

As a popular printing method, SLA rapid prototyping makes resin parts by layer and layer. It’s the main processing to make resin components at Ruitai. Besides, for the parts with a big size, the tolerance we can achieve is around ±0.5mm.

Resin Printing Toys

For producing high-volume toys, a lot of toy companies would cooperate with the custom 3D printing services provider to make a few plastic prototypes. 3D printing is their most ideal processing.

Polished Printing Parts

After SLA printing, the surface of the plastic parts is rough. Thus, we would apply sandpaper to polish its surface until it becomes smooth. It will effectively make the plastic parts more decorative.

One-stop Resin Printing Services Manufacturer

Ruitai Mold is a one-stop resin printing services provider in China. Our aim is to offer you the most satisfying resin printing services.

Our finished 3D printing parts have been applied in various fields: transportation, aircraft, electronics, and medical. If you want to use resin to make custom printing parts, we can help you with a fast lead time(3-7 days)

The resin printing technology including SLS and SLA rapid prototyping helps us to make components with unexceptional quality and performance. Both of them give us the freedom to handle the printing project with a very complex design. These finished parts are suitable for prototyping and end-use parts.

We will package your resin printing parts well by carton box. If you want to specify a wrapper for your 3D printing, the Ruitai team is happy to do that as to your specifications.

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Related Machinings

  • Precision Metal Parts

    The Ruitai team is confident to offer you the high-precision metal parts by the advanced machines: CNC machines, Laser cutters, bending machines, and so on. We can support your precision prototyping project from low-volume production to mass production.

  • Injection Molding Manufacturing

    As to injection molding, it applies automatic machines to melt the materials and produce high-volume plastic parts with a short turnaround. Compared to vacuum casting, it’s more suitable for making plastic parts with a more complicated design.

  • Low-volume Vacuum Casting

    Compared to other plastic fabrications, vacuum casting is more suitable for low-volume production for the short feasibility of the mod. But, we can’t make vacuum casting plastic components with complex designs because of its limitation.

  • Laser Cutting Parts

    Many sheet metal fabricators often apply laser cutters to process the metal sheets. By using laser cutting, we can cut the extra material of the metal parts and form the new metal parts with a totally different size and type.



1. What Is Resin Printing Services

Resin printing services is that the 3D printing service providers apply different types of 3D printing to print the resin. The common 3D printing types on the market: are FDM, SLA, SLS. You can choose any of them to print your parts. FDM and SLA are suitable for making custom plastic parts. SLS is a good choice for producing metal parts. Compared to machining, resin 3D printing is processing that we can get the prototype with a complex design and high efficiency. For a low-volume prototyping project with a complex design, we highly recommend 3D printing.

And the work is based on 2D and 3D drawings. You can just send these drawings to your suppliers and they will assist you accordingly. Ruitai mold also provides you resin printing services. The common materials for 3D printing projects are ABS resin, PMMA resin, PC, and Nylon. We are committed to offering premier quality resin components with a fast turnaround(within 7 days).

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