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On-demand Rapid Sheet Metal Fabrication Service Manufacturer in China

With the commitment of offering high-quality machining service in the field of rapid sheet metal, Ruitai is your on-demand rapid sheet metal fabricator.

With owning various machining tools from CNC machines, laser cutters, to angle grinders, the Ruitai team is capable of helping your rapid sheet metal project with a quick turnaround. There is an array of industries we have cooperated with for years: aerospace, car, marine, electronics, and so on.

You just need to send us your requirements from 3D+2D files, surface treatment, material to quantity. And we will offer you a quick quote accordingly. Just contact Ruitai for more details about our Rapid Sheet Metal Service!

Sheet Metal Mass Production

There is a production limitation at Ruitai. We can help you to make a rapid sheet metal prototype first. If you want to high-volume production, Ruitai is also glad to help you.

Rapid Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Parts

Do you feel worried about the quality of the sheet metal parts? Ruitai applies cutting-edge laser cutters to turn your rapid sheet metal projects around.

Rapid Robot Sheet Metal Fabrication 

Rapid sheet metal is a common processing method for our desired metals in nearly almost field. If you are in the field of robot designing, you will need rapid sheet metal processing.

Custom Metal Manufacturing

Powder coating is an effective secondary service to protect the surface of the machined rapid sheet metal parts. If you have any need to do that, you can rely on us.

Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication

With the properties of anti-corrosion and durability, stainless steel is a very popular and economical metal in rapid sheet metal service.

Rapid Aerospace Sheet Metal Components 

Do you want to make customizable machining for your aerospace parts processing? We are a custom rapid sheet metal processing service provider

Ruitai-A High-quality Rapid Sheet Metal Service Provider in China

Ruitai Mold is a rapid sheet metal service supplier and has gained a reputation for providing high-quality sheet metal parts worldwide.

There are some strong supports from our experienced engineers and complete production and checking team. Because of our well-experienced engineers, we can handle the design analysis issues and provide you with very professional rapid sheet metal machining suggestions. Our production team consists of over 120 well-trained workers.

Except that, there is a special quality checking team at Ruitai. They are responsible for checking the quality of every rapid sheet metal component. All of these can help us ensure you high-quality rapid sheet metal machining.

Ruitai also has a professional sales team. With their assistance, the Ruitai team will respond to you timely. If there is any quality problem, we promise that Ruitai will redo your rapid sheet metal parts until we get your satisfaction on them.

Ruitai is always online to receive your e-mail!

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  • CNC Bike Parts 

    If you belong to the industry of bike designing or production, you won’t feel strange about CNC machining. It’s common and popular machining to make bike parts with high precision.

  • CNC Wood Milling

    We can use CNC milling to process wood. And you also need to select a suitable wood to process. And Ruitai would be very happy to give you a satisfying CNC wood milling service.

  • Plastic Injection Molding

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1. How Do You Do Rapid Sheet Metal Processing?

There are several steps in rapid sheet metal processing. Stamping, Cutting, and Assemblying are three important steps to produce rapid sheet metal parts.

Stamping: It helps us to stamp different holes on the sheet metal parts.

Cutting: It is high-precision machining to cut the metal sheet with a specific type and size. With the support of advanced laser cutters or CNC cutters, we can produce rapid sheet metal parts with high efficiency and quality.

Assembling: We can apply fasteners and screws to connect different rapid sheet metal parts. And welding is also a nice choice to combine the metal parts by melting them. Before welding, we need to consider the weldability of the metal sheets firstly.

Figure1 Rapid Sheet Metal

2. Can You Help Us to Make A Sample to Show the Quality of Your Rapid Sheet Metal Parts?

Yes, we can make a sample for you. So, you need to send your 3D files to us firstly and we will make a sample for you according to your drawings and specification. You only need to pay the shipping costs.


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