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You Can Get Custom Plastic Machining Services from Ruitai 

Ruitai gives you custom plastic machining services from prototyping to high volume production. You will receive plastic parts of any size and type in line with your files. You also have no need to worry about the material selection. You can choose any plastic material including ABS, PEEK, PMMA, Nylon, PC, PP, etc. As to surface treatment, we have our postprocessing factory and the common surface finishes are available for you from polishing, painting to electroplating.

As to quality control, we do meticulous inspections on the plastic parts we made. All of these inspections we did are aimed to offer you the best plastic machining services and build a long-term cooperation relationship with you. If you are in any need of plastic machining services of high quality, Ruitai is absolutely a good choice.

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CNC Plastic Turning

After CNC turning, you will get machined plastic parts with round shapes. These turned plastic parts can apply to several industries from automotive to bike. At Ruitai, we apply CNC machines to offer your plastic machining services with high performance.

Consumer Plastic Parts 

As a full facility provider with CNC machines, Ruitai provides CNC plastic milling parts for you according to your drawings.

Plastic CNC Drilling

We have cooperated with many companies in various industries and are especially proud of our CNC plastic drilling parts with high precision.

Plastic Machining Parts

In the automotive industry, we often use CNC machining to produce automotive parts and accessories. The manufacturers who provide plastic machining services play a role in the automotive industry.

CNC Plastic Bike Parts

Do you often need CNC plastic machining services to produce your desired bike parts? If yes, you can contact Ruitai now, we take pride in our high precision plastic machining.

CNC Platic Defense Parts

We can also use CNC machining to make defense parts as per your specification. And we will be very happy to hear from you!

Ruitai-A Reliable Manufacturer Providing Plastic Machining Services in China

As a well-known manufacturer in offering plastic machining services, Ruitai is dedicated to being a reliable manufacturer providing plastic machining services.

As to plastic machining, Ruitai mainly provides you with CNC plastic machining from milling, turning, to drilling. The tolerance of our CNC plastic machining is around ±0.008mm. That’s why we can provide you high precision plastic machining service.

You may need plastic machining guidance if you are not familiar with the plastic machining. Ruitai’s team consists of professional engineers, trained workers, and a sales team. We will not only offer you plastic machining guidance but also reliable customer service. When your plastic machined parts are halfway, our team’s representative will send you a few pictures and videos to let you know about the processing.

If you are interested in our plastic machining services, you can just send Ruitai your 3D files and we will take charge of the rest!

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  • Plastic Overmolding

    Plastic plays a role in overmolding and we use this technique often in our daily life. There is a wide material range for your overmolding project: TPE, ABS, POM, PP, etc.

  • Precision Machined Bike Parts

    Are you willing to make some metal bike parts? Ruitai would choose CNC metal machining to personalize your project with high precision. We are always here to help you!

  • Powder-coating-Extrusion Aluminum

    Extrusion aluminum is an economical process method to get your desired extrusions. And we are fully experienced to meet your any needs on it.

  • Aluminum Die Casting

    At Ruitai, there is also an aluminum die casting option for you. If you are ready to do some aluminum die casting projects, you can contact Ruitai anytime to discover what we can do for you.


1. What Are Plastic Machining Services?

Plastic machining services mean the manufacturers with CNC machines process the plastic materials to get their desired parts with customizable type and size. The first step of plastic machining is sending your 3D files to your supplier and then they will do an evaluation on your files. You will get a professional analysis and a machining solution from your manufacturing partner. Once you choose your partner, your plastic machining supplier would produce the parts in compliance with your specification.

At Ruitai, there are our own CNC facilities to offer you custom plastic machining services. Our team will offer you a suitable and cost-effective solution. You can contact us anytime to know more details about the processing of CNC plastic machining.

Figure1-Plastic Machining Services

Figure1-Plastic Machining Services

2. Is A Sample Available in Your Plastic Machining Services?

Yes, we can provide a plastic machined sample for you. To build mutual trust, we would like to a sample according to your files firstly. And we would send the sample to you and then you will see the quality of the CNC machined Plastic sample. If you are satisfied, we are willing to build a long-term relationship with you.


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