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Customized Plastic Machining Services

Being a plastic machining service provider, Ruitai takes pride in offering custom CNC machining to create high-performance plastic prototypes from 1 to 500+ pieces. There are a few of advantages of the Ruitai team below.

● A wide range of materials available. ABS, PEEK, PMMA, Nylon, PC, PP, etc.

● Surface treatment. Polishing, electroplating, painting,

●Tight tolerance up to ±0.08mm.

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CNC Turned Plastic Parts

After CNC turning, you will get machined plastic parts with round shapes. These turned plastic parts can apply to several industries from automotive to bike.

Precision Machined Plastic Parts

As a full facility provider with CNC machines, Ruitai provides CNC plastic milling parts for you according to your drawings.

Plastic CNC Drilling

We have cooperated with many companies in various industries on CNC plastic machining: automotive, consumers goods, electronics, etc.

Why Choose CNC Machining to Create Plastic Prototypes?

CNC machining is one of the most popular processing ways to produce plastic prototypes. There are six reasons why you choose it for your prototyping project?

● High Precision: CNC plastic machining provides a high-precision solution. The computer-controlled machinery ensures that parts are made exactly to specifications, and with consistent quality. This level of precision is essential for industries such as aerospace, medical, and automotive, where tight tolerances are required.

● Versatility: This technique can work with a wide variety of materials: polycarbonate, nylon,, acrylic, etc. It allows us to create parts for a range of applications, from consumer products to industrial machinery.

● Flexibility: It allows us to make changes to the design of a part easily, even after production has begun. This is because the computer software controls the machining process, so we can do some adjustments quickly and efficiently. This flexibility is particularly useful for prototyping and  short production runs.

● Cost-Effective: CNC plastic machining can be cost-effective for small to medium production runs, as it does not require expensive tooling or molds, as with injection molding. Besides, it can produce parts with minimal scrap, which can result in lower material costs.

● Speed: For smaller production runs, we can apply CNC machining to produce the plastic prototypes within days.

● Automation: It is a highly automated process, which means it requires less manual labor than other manufacturing methods. This can result in lower labor costs and increased efficiency.



1.What Is the Difference between Plastic Machining and Injection Molding?

Plastic machining involves the use of precision machining equipment to manufacture parts, while injection molding involves the use of molds to produce plastic parts in high volumes.

2.What Industries Use Plastic Machining Services?

Industries that commonly use plastic machining services include aerospace, medical, automotive, consumer products, electronics, industrial machinery, and defense.

3.What Is the Typical Turnaround Time for Plastic Machining Services?

Turnaround times for plastic machining services can vary depending on the complexity of the project and the volume of parts required. We offer a quick turnaround within days for a low-volume production.