What Is the Process of CNC Machining?

Last Updated on October 13, 2023 by assistant

CNC machining is a modern technique to make high-precision parts. It has a wide usage in many industries: automotive, electronics, aerospace, home appliances, etc. Ruitai Mould is an experienced CNC machining supplier. We would like to give you a brief introduction about how we do CNC machining.

cnc machining

Regarding CNC machining, it can be divided into 2 stages: the preparation and the production stages.

  1. Preparation stage: before production, we need your PO and confirm the final 3D files with you. Then, our engineers will hold a meeting to analyze your 3D files. If every detail has been confirmed, the production team will purchase the raw material according to your specification. The engineers will analyze the data and split the part according to its material and size. After finishing the data analysis, they will edit the trail for parts. When programming is done, they will input the data into the CNC machines.
Lumpy Metal Materials
Lumpy Metal Materials
  1. Production stage: the production team will put the lumpy metal or plastic pieces on the workbench. CNC machines will automatically abstract extra material as workers operate the machines regularly. After initial machining, we can get the finished parts. Then, these parts will be sent to the inspection team to check their quality. After inspecting, we need to do some surface finishes on them according to the clients’ requirements. There is a full range of surface finishes for your selection: electroplating, painting, anodizing, silkscreen, polishing, etc.

After surface treatment, the inspection team will do the final quality inspection on these parts. At the same time, they will shoot videos and pictures about the products to the clients. When the clients feel satisfied with the parts, we will arrange the shipment immediately. As to the expresses, there are FedEx, UPS, TNT, DHL, and EMS available for your selection.

If you are interested in our CNC machining, you can send an e-mail to us:emily@szrtmj.