What is the Common Speed and Feed for CNC Machining Aluminum?

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Several parameters of processing parameters: spindle speed, tool diameter, knife amount (in XY direction and Z direction), feed rate.

The factors affecting the processing parameters are the machine bed structure, the spindle size (BT30, BT40, BT50, etc.), the tool material used, whether the coolant is oil-cooled or water-cooled, the appearance requirements of aluminum parts, etc.

The CNC bed is divided into hard rails and rails. The hard rails are rigid and suitable for steel. The rails are professionally processed aluminum parts, just because the fast-moving speed is fast, but the rigidity is not as good as the hand rail. Therefore, the hard-track machine tool processing aluminum parts back knives (XY direction) and bottom knife amount (z-direction) and feed rate will have an advantage over the line rail.

The CNC machining center is divided into BT30, BT40, BT50, BT30, and BT50 according to the spindle cone size. This tapered hole determines the size of the main shaft and the rigidity of the main shaft. It also determines the outer diameter of the tool holder, which is also a problem of rigidity. Here, the size of the tool in the XY direction and the Z direction is determined. The larger the spindle taper hole is, the larger the tool holder is. The better the rigidity, the larger the parameters that can be given.

In addition to the cooling system, oil cooling is best, water cooling is second, and air cooling is only used when needed.

The stricter the customer’s appearance requirements, the smaller the cutting amount, the slower the feed will be.

For example, the hard-track machine tool BT40 water cooling system, proofing or small batch production, 12 waveform knife is commonly known as the rough skin knife open, S3500~5000 can be cut deep 12mm, XY can eat knife 12mm, F300~600 can be. When changing to a line rail machine, XY can’t eat full knife and eat up to 10mm. Otherwise, the spindle of the machine tool is broken fast, and the precision of each axis is also falling fast. The most important point is that it is easy to break the knife.

Commonly used BT40 line rail machine, the opening parameters are light and fast, such as the shape of the rough general blank amount of unilateral about 2mm, 16 rough skin knife, S5000, F3000, Z to a single knife 5mm, the sound is more crisp, Good efficiency. With the same speed and feed with BT30, it is better to reduce the Z down knife by about 1mm.

Specific to the size of the tool diameter, the smaller the diameter, the higher the rotation speed, the smaller the amount of knife to be eaten, and the feed rate is relatively slower. Because the tool eats more than the limit, no matter how fast the speed is, the feed is slow, it will break.

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